Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Happy Birthday

Last Saturday was our little girl birthday and on Saturday morning, my hubby suggested we make her a cake. I look at him with my big eyes. Where got enough time and I got a few things to do lagi. He wanted so much to make her a cake and he says even a simple one will be good enough. Since, our little girl like lychee - so, I suggested lychee cake. I told him I cannot decorate the cake nicely coz I am also in the rush to prepare some other orders. So, what he did was helping me in the kitchen - apa lagi? Kena jadi tukang cuci lar. Because of her little darling, he personally help in decorating. See........ the power of love from daddy to her little darling. Due to so last minute thing, I only used some candy to put on top and spread some cream. Very lazy mummy...... hahaha. Apa mau buat, I only have 1 hour plus to do that for her and apart from that, I have a few items to clear off.

Kids are really kids, my son is so happy to see the cake. Whatmore, lychee are one of their favourite. They can't wait to cut the cake liau......... My son loves pastries alot. He is a person who enjoy food. The 2 monsters tak boleh tunggu liau to blow the cake and cut already.

Without realising, my girl is already 2 years old already lor. Soon, she will be going to primary school then to secondary. After that, maybe to oversea for further study and later have her own very family............... by that time, I could be 60 years old liau. What I do is everyday go and tar tai kek. Aiyoh!!!!


Rabbit said...

Aiyo u can bake so well! And the cake looks so delicious! Yummy!

erinalaw said...

Thank you thank you....... to me everyone can cook and bake, as long as we used our heart and do it with love :-)

King's wife said...

Wah, done in a hurry also can look so good...A real pro.
Your girl is soooo cute lah!
Happy Birthday to her!!