Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Love For Family

Actually, I have this habit of doing 2 or 3 things at a time. Like blogging, reading and talking on the phone at satu masa. How I do it? Hahaha.... secretary's are trained to do things fast and effective. So, today I were running thru my recipes which I am getting ready for the competition next Tuesday and sambil baca blog lar - my favourite 5xmom. Checking back on her story what I have miss out so far - sekali drawn my attention on this title - Sayang Suami. I will surely share with you about my experience later. Anyway, this is my first time going in for competition. Oh ya! I forgot to mention what competition I join hor? Sorry ar, not beauty punya competition lar. I know where is my stand. I am joining a bread making competition. This is a competition open for hoteliers, restaurant and bakey. My purpose is not to win but just to have some fun and to gain some experince. In this competition we have to provide 5 edible bread and a centre piece which tak boleh makan - for deco only. Aiyah!!! This I share with you next week after the competition.

Now come back to my blog title - Love For Family. I know we are living in a 21st century where male and female are at a same level but someone a duty of a wife and a mother is still the same. Cooking for the family does not mean you need to cook 4 dishes with a soup mah. Simple one like my leng cheh do - pasta. This is also good enough to make our hubby heart melt lar. Why? Because you cook with love mah. Hey!!! Let me tell you har. Cook with love and just simple cook do make a different in the taste. Don't believe? Give it a try. Have you never hear of the best way to the man heart is thru his stomach? I still remember this clearly....... when I were still working in the hospitality industry (I am ex-hotelier), my GM, Jeffrey Mong once told me this where 1 morning I bought breakfast for my colleuges and him. He said, Erina the best way to the man heart is thru his stomach. Eh!!! not thru sex meh? Hahaha.... LOL. Cook a simple meal and have the family at the dining table to eat together is a different feeling. We can also talk and kepo about things that had happen mah. Don't give excuse you got to work har. Many people also work alrite? My leng cheh, Lilian also work but she still cook for the family mah. I also work alrite. My friend Jocelyn also work but hor you must pay her the respect. Before she go to work, she will drop by the market and buy what she need then bring to the office. At times, she buy at the weekend and keep in the fridge lar. After kerja, she go home and cook ok? She cook only for herself and hubby. I can know the trouble of cooking just for 2 person. Even want to buy veges also susah ok. Buy too many cannot finish, buy too little the vege seller will stare at us pulak. And, after cooking leh? Apa lagi? Washing time lar. Har...... this is where the husband can play their role. Help lar to do some washing. Dah lah cook you free meal so, help to wash and clean up lor. After doig all this messy job, go ask your darling for something - surely easy to get one. Tone down your voice sikit... aiyoh guarantee you 100% he give you what you want.


bit nee said...

Didn't know you are going into a competition until u shared with us in your blog. All the best and hope you gain some good experiences and learnings from there :)

erinalaw said...

Aiyoh Bit Nee, malu lar want to tell everyone about it. If kalah, lagi malu. hahaha.... will surely share you all of you about my competition later. Btw, baby apa macam?

bit nee said...

OK lar, surviving by the day :) As mentioned some days are better than the rest! Ur kids are so cute esp ur daughter! Feel like pinching their cheeks wan ler! So when are u coming down to KL again har?