Monday, April 9, 2007

If This Is A Last Post ......

I were tag by Lilian which she was also been tag by her K-kia. According to this young guy, this is created my Urban Monk and the purpose is for charity. Half way of writing, go over to read AhPek blog, alamak kena tag by him. Better go and check out who else tag me.

If this is my last post, what I will share with you is :-

LIFE .... everyone should appreciate their life. Sometimes, we read in the newspaper, youngster commit suicide due to apa? Because of love lar. Really stupid. Some die because of hutang ah long pulak. There are so many people out there fighting to survive and this siew lan kia (stupid fellow) want to end their life. Do you know the value of life boh? To this people dieing is the end of everything but they just don't realise it's another beginning for their spouse or loved one. The person who die got nothing to worry but they also leave behind other problems for those alive one to settle for them. TNS.... if you are the one who cause it, you ownself kau tim lar. Have the guts to face it and my final word is APPRECIATE YOUR LIFE.

I just want to keep this short and simple to make you guys aware of life. Anyway, I hope this is not my last post har? There are still lots of things I wanna share and afterall, I baru saja start the fun of blogging.

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