Saturday, April 7, 2007

Do All Couple Argue???

After writing about my marriage life, I sat down and ask myself this question - do all couples argue or fight?

I still remember 1 of my friend once told me that she never argue with her husband before no matter what happen. Me and a few friends who hear her comment on that immediately told her - hau siau lar. Where got such thing? Guess she want to show off how loving they are.

I dare to admit that I and my husband have lots of argument ok? Argue over things that we buy for the house, which stall got better food, about kids and etc etc. Hoi!!! Even our fingers also tarak sama panjang lar. Where got such thing call perfect one. Argument in a marriage does not fully mean unhealthy. It depends on what you argue and how bad it is. At times, it make things better. Sometimes, couples thought the both of them know each other very well after years of being together. But, this is not necessary. Sometimes, there are couples who are married for over 10 years but if you ask them things about their partner they might not even know. At times, after some arguments we tend to find out more about each other and love could even grow deeper.

What is your comments on :-
1. Do all couple argue?
2. Is argument in a marriage is unhealthy?


papajoneh said...

aikkk... the above comment went missing. Oh well, just wanna say. forwarded from
On the topic, yes we all argue. we argue a lot that we survived 10 years together. is it healthy? yes definitely. It help us to know each other more. I believe the wife is more patience than me. So im blessed with good, beautiful wife. Blessed with near to 3 yrs old son and expecting twins this september. so, i wish u all the same happiness and healthy together. ;) and of coz, nice to know u too. you have nicer blog than mine. :)

New Kid on the Blog said...

I agreed all couple argue. But then, is my marriage not healthy? Cuz, we hardly argue. Or probably we do not have any children yet.
Is argument in a marriage is unhealthy? Well, 50-50. If a couple keeps arguing, honestly the marriage is unhealthy. There are couples argue everything for no reason, just simply hantam ...

erinalaw said...

Papajoneh - no lar. You have nicer blog. Don't lar make me malu. I just started to learn about blogging only. I totally agree with you after some arguement, we somehow learn to understand each other and love each other more. Congratulation!!! Twins har, surely keep you more busy.

New Kid On The Blog - Not really because we have kids, that is why we argue but like I say, we are all human with different characters. Then, you are a lucky man. :-)