Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Assorted Wan Tan Mee

Went to my friend office in Church Street today to pick up something and just drop by one of this coffee shop at the corner to see whether there are any interesting food or not? Don't be surprise those Cina Pek coffee shop still serve good breakfast leh. This particular stall in this coffee shop draw our attention. It stated there Assorted Wan Tan Mee and you know what they have about 15 different type of Wan Tan Mee. Wah lau!!! Like that, hari hari Wan Tan Mee also tarak apa coz they have 15 types. So, my hubby ate this Hakka Style Wan Tan Mee. It had got chicken cook with black fungus and some vegetable.

For me, I order a Drunken Chicken Wan Tan Mee. Drunken ok? Hahaha..... It's basically chicken cook with some ginger and some chinese cooking wine. It smell great and it reminded me during my confinement.

Most of you will say, Wan Tan Mee only mah. What is so big deal? Good Wan Tan Mee is not easy to make and how many stall still serve good quality Wan Tan Mee. The noodle must have got a nice texture and it must have enough eggs in it to make the noodle taste good. The noodle serve in this stall is fine and the gravy are special. I can't remember the name of the coffee shop. Let me check it out and tell you folks later.

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Wuah...see the drunken chicken wan, lau nuah liao. Must go check it out when I go to town next time.