Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Kids Can Cook Too!!!

Some of you know that I own a shop selling baking ingredients and I also conduct classes. This is one of the class that I conduct for kids in Apple Tree Education Sdn Bhd, Tanjong Bungah. There is where my son Delwin goes too. The principal Karen Seow is one of my old friend. Never thought she will go into this industry. We were all ex-hotelier. Why I send my son to this kindy??? Being a mum we are a little bit mah fun one. Very picky in another word. Daddy is normally the one very cincai.... no so demanding. Back to my question why do I send Delwin here..

1. I love the environment. Clean, bright and nice.
2. The teachers are very polite and well trained.
3. Oh yes!! The teacher also very patience and you know what, you never be able to find cane in this school. Honest!
4. Apart from cooking class they also have art and music class. I know some kindy all this activities are done by their teachers but here, Karen get someone professional to do it.
5. Too many for me to say already......... (the list goes on)

So, last Saturday this kids were learning to make cheee cake. Don't think the kids are ngong ngong tei lor (stupid). They are smart one leh. All the kids that attend the cooking/baking class range from 3 - 6 years old. Who say 3 years old kids cannot do kitchen work? Off course, it depends also on what are the task given to them. It is good to teach them starting from young. They can also learn to be independent. My kids? I let them do also. Anyway, for my little girl she is much better in eating than cooking. Not like her brother Delwin, who loves to cook and bake. My hubby always say that I got someone to inherit my stuff. Hahaha...... guess it is too early to judge. In that case, my daughter Delwina mah like daddy lor - love eating.

It is not how nice or how great taste the food made by them but it's an encouragement given to them and also a chance for them to learn independent. This case may not look fancy to some people but to the parents, it is something. I kept the craft that Delwin made and some I even stick on the wall near to my work table. Somehow, it is a motivation to myself too. I will show you what are some of the things I have in my shop on my next blog. Handling over 10 kids ranging from age 3 to 6 is no joke ok? They can trick us in return at time. My son mah one of them lor...... LOL. Don't under-estimate this millenium kids alrite? They are genius and leader of the future.

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