Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Special Koay Tiew Soup ....

All Malaysian are not used to eat bread, ham, bacon or omelet for breakfast. Why? Don't ask me. For me bread, ham, bacon, bake beans or omelet are great breakfast. Today, I and hubby were going round the town looking for breakfast. Get bored of eating the same old thing.

Since, I wanted to grab some magazine near Hutton Lane and we are in the rush to go somewhere else, so hubby suggested we just have some koay tiew soup next to the magazine stall (near to Eden restaurant). So, both of us place an order for koay tiew soup lar. Apa mau buat, in the rush to go somewhere. Actually, I don't like the koay tiew noodle in Penang coz I find their noodle is not smooth like the one back home in Taiping and Ipoh. Being a Cantonese, I am quiet fussy in eating. But, this koay tiew soup is something different - they have yau char kuai in it. The taste? Not bad leh.... Lain dari yang lain.

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