Wednesday, March 7, 2007

KAI KONG WOON??? It's An Eating Bowl

I get so excited about this bowl when I bought that. Not that I never seen this kind of bowl but I actually have a few antique of this type of 'Kai Kong Woon'. That is how we called in Cantonese. The original one is not round. It is somehow a little bit crocked here and there lor coz handmade mah. Ok, I promise to show you all when I take a picture of my antique one. Oh ya, my hubby love antique so we have a few items that we inherits from our grandparents. No one can touch them except me. Ahem!!! Wife mah....... Hahaha

I still remember one of the old coffee cup(he only have 2) that he got from his dad were broken by our maid. He was damn angry and really scold the maid for 1 whole day until the maid got so scared. But later he is ok lor. What to do? Sudah pecah mah........

Back to the bowl story. Why it is call 'Kai Kong Woon' (chicken bowl)? I think during that time all this bowl were painted with a roaster. The grandma own dozens of this and some of us get it. I don't like the modern one - very fakey look. The olden day bowl are thicker to keep our food warm for a longer hour.

I will show you on my next post about this real antique chicken bowl. Oh yes!!! I also have 'Luk Tau Woon' (Greenbean bowl). Don't ask me why there are funny funny name. I get this term from my grandma. Will show you all about it.

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