Monday, March 19, 2007

Where is Berhanang - Kem Millenium???

Have been really busy for the past few days since my youngest sister had been selected to attend the National Service. She will be away for 3 months starting 18/3/07. So, took her down to KL on Saturday (17/3) coz her meeting up place is at Stadium MPPJ on18/3/07.

Guess, many of us don't really have an idea what is National Service is all about, rite? So, do I. What we have been told are like doing some community work, train to be like an army and ............. don't ask me. I can only share this with you when my sister come back in 3 months time. Before that, we feed her well. Hahaha.... there won't be good food inside alrite. The government got to feed thousand over of all this youngster.

The one and only banner found. For those of us who travel from far, find it difficult to locate that place. And this banner where hang inside and not at the juction of the road.

Majority says this activity is a total waste of time and how many will say this is good? To me, it will be good if they do it from Dec - Mar where the children are waiting for their SPM results. Normally, after the result is being announced parents will send their childen for further study. Like my sister she can't do much now till she is back in June. So, she has wasted a total of 6 months doing nothing (include attending the NS). When she is back, she might not be able to go into the college as we do not know when is the next batch. It could be in September, December or Jan 08. See how long she has to waste? I receive a call from her yesterday evening. She told me that food is so so only and the commander or the officer did not brief them on anything pertaining to the training.

My sister got to be there at 9.30am to depart to Kem Millenium in Berhanang. I reach there at 9am and ask the officer, "mana mau register untuk ke Berhanang?" (where should I register for those who are going to Berhanang?) Answer to me is "bas itu sudah melepas, sekarang sudah pukul berapa?"(the bus had left and what time is it now? I gave him a fierce look and walk away. I wanted to tell him so much that kalau sudah melepas, tak apa, saya pun boleh balik, tak perlu pergi (if the bas had left, it is fine for me and I can go back too). Then, the other girl told me that she will check for me what is the bus number to that camp. At least she is much polite. In fact, there is still another bus to that camp. So, took my sister to register. Honestly, I were very unhappy with their service. They only ask us to be there on what day and what time but they don't tell you when will the children be back and when can the parents pick them up. Silly rite? The worst thing is we don't have any idea where the hell is Berhanang. I call up almost all my KL friend and ask and no one can tell me exactly where is BERHANANG. Even I ask the trainer they say don't know. They only gave me the camp contact number and ask me to find out more infomations from there. In this case, I can say it had give me a very bad impression of the National Service idea. They never give us any information at all about the place where the children are going. Hoi!!! You think they want to go? They have no choice leh. They were selected to go. So, do treat them nice. One and only information given to all of us - the kem contact number. Wanna talk to which human or spirit?

There were some angry parents questioning one of the camp commander. They ask all of us that they will depart at 9.30am but the bus were still there at 10:30am. I love this question which being throw out to them, "if you all do not know what is call punctuality and follow rules, how do you want to train them?" That man is so right.

Wanna see what buses were provided?

Sorry har? Ini bukan bus persiaran go for holiday or bus sekolah that go to school. These are the buses that send them off to the respective camp. I were told by my sister one of her friend were sent to Sarawak and they got to meet up at the airport at 3am!!! Wah lau eh .......... stupid, rite?

Saw one of the mum crying together with her daughter. Guess, this is the first time where the daughter leave her for such a long time. Aiyah!!! The girl is big already lah, it's time for her to learn to be independent.

Some faces of the trainers.
Do you think they fit to be one? My hubby were making joke of the lady which is a little bigger size to be a trainer. He say that one is sure food trainer. LOL. Very bad of him rite?

Come to the conclusion, many parents are so worry about their children. Not sure what will happen to them. Parents did not leave the place till the buses left. That include myself. I know my sister can take up all this training but I do not have any information at all what are the things that will take place in the camp. If only the government can provide more informations, I believe parents will not be so worry and they will happily send their children for such a benefited activity.

So, what is your comments?

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syahiddmilikku said...

hai erina..
first arrival.
It's not Berhanang, it's Beranang.
My god, that's my hometown.
The kem Millenium nearly located from my grandmother's house.
Very poor to see arrogant malaysian today kan?