Saturday, March 24, 2007

Is Blogging Wasting Time?

Wow!!! It had been almost a week I did not write. Too busy with tonnes of works to do.

I used to think that people that write blogs and those who read blogs are those that have got nothing to do - too free in another word. Maybe, I were so busy with my work, family and my own other interest. I never do it till I know this lady call Lilian (one of Malaysia most influencing blogger - top 20, ok). Now we have become friend liau. I get to know more about blogger from her site - 5XMOM . This is a very interesting site. This lady is special to me. From there, I somehow have this habit of going into hers and other people blog to read.

Now, I begin to have the interest to write myself. Initially, my hubby have the same thinking like I do. Waste time. Apa lagi, people like him working with the MNC. He also say that I so busy with people stuff. But later, he also realise that from reading people blog at times, we do gain some information. Anyhow, it depends on which person blog you visit lar. My favourite apart from 5XMOM are AhPek, Rojaks and Earl-Ku. Oh ya! Another friend of mine is Maya. What is life without interesting stuff.

All my pictures in this blog are taken by my hubby. Thanks ya, darling. His promise is, if I am doing good he is going to buy me a new laptop. Hope I will do well in my blog. Ah boh, how to get new laptop leh..............

So, what is your comments? Is blogging wasting time?


angel said...

To each his own, I say :) Blogging does take up lotsa time but at the same time, it can be rewarding (to me, at least) because I've found some very good friends thru' blogging :)

erinalaw said...

I must agree with you, blogging do take up lots of time but it's rewarding like you say. I have the same experience like you say - finding good friends thru blogging. Do drop by to visit my blog and put down some comments if you have any. :-)

Alex said...

It's certainly not a waste of time, Erina! If you think about it, when you blog, you practise using English, sharpening your writing skills and it gets your creative juice going! Better than watching television I tell you! :)