Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Too Young To Be A Wife & Mum!

I go back to my parents house every weekend in Kulim. As usual lah, when daughter and mum get together sure got lots of things to kepo one. Like pat poh si lai.... hehehe.

As we were talking, she told me that our neighbour daugther had just got married. I asked her apasai tarak invite us meh? She said they do it in a very simple way coz the bride is pregnant. Ok lar, nowadays nasi sudah jadi bubur case also alot liau. Nothing surprise me. Saw alot of that already. But for this one she is 5 months pregnant liau wor and baru mau kahwin. Aiyoh!!! The stomach also kembang like ballon liau leh. Oh ya! She is only 18 and still in Form 5 this year. Apa lagi? Got to quit school and become siew lai lai lor. Nahhhhhh!!! This is not siew lai lai but ngoh lai lai. She will not be able to sit for her SPM too. Find her too stupid to do this things. I hear my mum said the father was so mad and give a slap even though she is pregnant. The parents are very nice people but just don't know how this could happen.

Honestly, I don't find her fit to be a mum yet at all. Her own daily spending also being paid by the parents. For now leh? Husband? Haiyah!! The husband also baru 20 only. On the bed punya masa sure happy one. F**k like nobody business and you think life is so interesting but later leh? How to take care of the baby and marriage become problem because of $$$. Not enough money to buy household stuff, baby diaper, milk powder, electricity bill, water bill and etc etc etc. Later, divorce might take place. Ended with a unhappy marriage. The bad effect goes to the baby and not the 2 silly adult that causes all this to happen. What will happen to the baby???

Youngster, don't make your parents worry for you and parents should also take time to spend it with their kids. Earning money for living is important but once parents have neglected their children, chances for the kids to turn bad is high.


Arth said...

What else is new?? Heh

erinalaw said...

Arth - Ended up they bring problem to the family n the baby as well as to the society. I still remember somewhere last year I nearly adopt a baby by a couple who are the same case with this for my cousin. Later, the family say they wanted the baby back.