Monday, May 21, 2007

My Favourite - Wan Tan Mee

I got tagged by Kenny.

Actually, I were about to write on my favourite Wan Tan Mee which I had in Bidor liau. Luckily, haven't started otherwise sure die liau. Mana to find food lagi? Hahaha............... talking about food - it's always my favourite topic. I can talk with you day and night. Thank god, my hubby is also a food lover otherwise, I sek chee kei (eat myself) chor. LOL

Wan Tan Mee is always my favourite ever since I am young. I am quite picky on wan tan mee - noodle must be fine, not soggy and the way their cook it must be important too. It must have some crispness too. Very fussy lady hor?

There are 3 stalls that served pretty good Wan Tan Mee in Penang. I have blog about this 2 stalls before - Mee Juta & Assorted Wan Tan Mee. The other stall is located at Anson Road (next to a bookshop). Last 3 weeks when my hubby suggested we make a trip to Bidor to look for food - we found this famous Wan Tan Mee.

The shop that we went to is called Pun Chun. It's a very famous shop for their noodles and duck drumstick herbal soup. Very nice too. If I am not mistaken, the wan tan mee cost RM3.60/plate. Apart from the wan tan mee, they served very good wantan too. Inside is some minced meat with some whole prawns. Yes, not minced prawn har!!! It's whole prawns (off course, it's the small size one lar). My little daughter finished up a whole plate of wan tan mee by herself. I am not joking, ok? She is only 2 years old. My son loves the wantan. He finished a bowl of 10 wantan inside.

See! How my little girl enjoying her wan tan mee.

My son enjoying a bowl of wantan by himself.

See how nice the wantan is.........

I am done and now I wanna tag :-

1. 5XMom - this one is called Master of Food liau.............. hahaha.

2. Hor ny ang moh - he is leaving in the East Coast and I hope he can share with us some nice food there.

3. King's Wife - she is another food lover

4. Soleilina - this is???? she can tell you more place to eat than me.

5. Earl-Ku

***Start Copy***

Proposition: What is your favorite food in your state or country?

Requirements: Find some info about the food and show delicious pictures of it?

Quantity: FIVE PEOPLE.

Tag Mode: You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.

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nyx said...

wah .. the wan tan mee looks good! me getting hungry again .. :P

Bit Nee said...

Aiyo u make this preggie crave for wan tan mee leow. Now suddenly feel like eating wan tan mee for dinner tonight but also got nice pasar malam assam laksa tonight !

King's wife said...

In that case, have to wait till I next eat "IT", then only I can snap the picture. ;-)

kyels said...

Who doesn't like Wan Tan Mee ... I do too!


Off topic; I'm from Convent Taiping too! What a coincidence, eh?


Kenny Ng said...

Wan Tan Mee also my favorite wor... Well done! Thanks.

Rabbit said...

Wah ur girl so cute! *cubit*

erinalaw said...

nyx - good leh. Quick, make a trip there this coming PH - Agong's Birthday mah.

Bit Nee - this pregnant woman har. Apa apa pun mau makan.

King's Wife - it's a must try thing. We were teasing my dad coz he did not join us. Mana tau, he ady tried it much much earlier than us. He said the stall is there more than 40 year liau. *face red*

kyels - eh!!! u which year one?

Kenny - thank you. thank you. Guess, I did not dissapoint you hor. hahaha......

Rabbit - Like mummy mah- beautiful. Hahaha............. got any newphew to introduce her kah.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

I am soooooo hungry now!!Aiyoh I think one of this day have to visit penang.My home comp 'kaput' so haven't acess my email yet. I will do one fave food post later as I have to take the pic. BTW u have cute kids. Have a nice day.

erinalaw said...

hor ny - you too horny till ur pc 'kaput' kah? Hahaha......... I own me 2 tags leh. My kids cute leh - like mummy mah. LOL

New Kid on the Blog said...

Bidor wan tan mee is one of the famous in Bidor.....

Bit Nee said...

For those in KL, u can get nice wan tan mee in Ho Weng Kee in SS2 as well as the corner shop in Petaling Street (opps..forgot the name). However there are various version of the wan tan mee in SS2 shop(with chick feet and mushroom, curry wan tan mee (also nice)..etc...) but however I find it slightly oily. Nevertheless if you are craving for some good wan tan mee, u can go there. Ermm I dun think it's best in KL la but suffice to say can whet ur appetite la!

erinalaw said...

New Kid On The Blog - looks like I found another food lover , har?

Bit Nee - however, I still find Perak food better leh. KL - like you say lor, can whet ur appetite lar.......... no fish, prawn pun jadi lar. LOL

New Kid on the Blog said...

[blush] me??
am the worst among my family members. but can tell where to find good food... some how, limited choice... can share share la....
oh ya, agreed, some food in Ipoh is better than KL.

Spunky said...

my mom's a wan tan mee addictor too! whenever we had an early breakfast after shopping in the wet market,she'll definitely order a wan tan mee.She always told me that i love the wan tan th'ng with just the dumplings in it.
Mom said the one in the SuperTank coffeeshop in Lip Sin Garden's not bad.Should go hav a try out,Erina.

Michiko said...

Did you ever tried Pulau Tikus Wan Tan Mee market at night before? It places at the middle of the street..

This Wan Tan Mee stall not only available at Pulau Tikus.. There are 3 franchise in Penang.. It managed husband and wife. Those noodles & all the ingredients are homemade by their own.

You can find them at:
-Wah Hong Cafe, Kampung Jawa, Bayan Baru (near Bayan Baru Petronas)(5.30am-11am)
-55 Cafe, Jalan Tengah (behind of CIMB Bank) (7am-3pm)
-Pulau Tikus Market (6pm-11pm)

You can find them in Penang & go and try it when you're free.. It's really very tasty & delicious. The noodles are not too difficult to bite.. The soup is made from original ingredients.. not only MSG.. Other than noodles, this stall also sell Hor Fun, Bee Hoon, Ee Fu Noodles, Cintan Noodles, Wide Noodle (Chor Mee).. And the sauce is the original ketchup sauce & another one is 'Ma Lat' Sauce (Spicy Sauce)

Please do not hesitate to email me if you have any inquiries about this stall of Wan Tan Mee. Email me at (

*Those information are not fake.. It's true..

Guys, you may try it!! It's really really delicious.. Trust me.. ('',)