Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Who Are FunSee FanSee????

Firstly, I read about Lilian today - about her fansee. Then, I go to visit AhPek blog - this man tag me pulak. Anyone, who tag me I will surely do it one. You can say I give face but actually I respect the person who tag me. If they don't like me hor, what for they tag me leh? But I like the topic that they have tag me. Even before I can complete this, I got another tag from Lilian - shiookk! You can say I gila liau but I love the topic the both of them tag me leh.

Writing a blog is not so easy at first coz you need to understand certain things how does it goes about and later you have to get people to come and read your post. If they give you comments and lots of comments lagi shiok. Otherwise, write for who to read? As you continue to write, you may get lots of fans. Wah!!! I am waiting for the day to become like Lilian, Ah Pek, Rojaks and many more of them.
After 2 months of writing, I am quite happy with what I am doing also. Have been addicted to it too. Just that, I don't have so much time to write. I have been visited by a few of them who are comment on most of my post. Thank you, thank you. This are the people that make me want to write more and talk more. There is somehow a satisfaction that I have gain in doing something. No matter what, I will try to write so all my FunSee Fansee get read to read. Apart from that, I want my FunSee FanSee to grow more in number. If I get over 50comments in a post, I will do a celebration. What type of celebration? Aiyah! Ada balu cakap lar. Now, apa pun tarak lagi.
Hmmm.......... FunSee FanSee, don't you think it sound nice? Lilian, called them her FanSee and AhPek called them his FunSee. I called mine FunSee FanSee. Thank you so much to all my Funsee FanSee and I love you all. Muahhhhh!!!
I wanna tag the following and also thanks them for dropping by to visit me so often :-
Please lar, give face a bit, ok?


Kenny Ng said...

Tag me also never tell me ah? Not consider tag la.. LOL

New Kid on the Blog said...

sob sob... sob sob... what is tag la???
nobody answer me... :-(

Rabbit said...

UWA! I no see i no see, i no see my name there! =P


I sure will do it, but will see when i will do it lor. I have so many tags in hands. Sei lor. Sekali all bloggers become loan sharks then i mati liao. Bayar interest pun tarak cukup. Keke!

erinalaw said...

Kenny - char sei pulak. Woi!!! Don't like that lar. You come back Penang hor, I make special cheese cake belanja u lar. Apa macam. But, must let me know early lar.

New Kid On The Blog - this means you are tag to write about the same topic. Just that you don't copy and paste the thing straight at your blog lar. You write it in your own way, ok? Next time, I tag u har?

Rabbit - ok n thanks. Your siew lecturer give u problem lagi kah? Maybe, it's time you should feed her with some sweet stuff mah. Y? U think about it and if you cannot figure out, I will let u know. LOL

Rabbit said...

ha? Feed her some sweet stuff? Bribe her ah?

erinalaw said...

hahaha............ you can say like that also. If you terror enough, find her weakess point and attack her....... I join you, ok?