Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Last week, it was such a big disappointment to me when the result announced that Melinda is going home. Why her? She is so much better than Jordin. Is it because Simon said, she will be in the final therefore, everyone try to vote for Jordin even though they know Melinda is better. Is it because they want prove that Simon is wrong. To me, Melinda is like another Diana Ross. Too bad, the American had voted her out. But she will be a good and popular singer one day even though she is not selected to go into the finale. Go Melinda!!! I know you can make it. If she ever had a album, I will surely buy it. However, do you all agree with me that Melinda should not be the one that go home? Don't you think she does better than Jordin?

I hope Blake will be the winner but again it depends on the American vote. I like his beatbox style. Something nice and new. He can really sing very well. Do you think he will be the winner? If I can vote, I will surely vote for Blade. We need fresh and new blood in the entertainment industry. Agree? What is your comment?

I don't find that Jordin had got a good voice. Will you vote her to be the winner? Come on........... I know she is young, beautiful and sexy too but be realistic leh.

Malaysian! Who will you vote for the American Idol? I know lar, we are in Malaysia and they are in America but we all listen to songs too and I believe all of us are looking forward for good entertainers. So, Blake or Jordin?


Anonymous said...

I am a huge Melinda fan but too bad she got voted off last week. Saw the finale last night and I think Jordan sang better than Blake. Let see who win the Idol tonight.


Rabbit said...

I no watch American Idol wor. -_- Don even know when it's on. Outdated already. -_-

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Me too, never wash such TV programe.I must be very very out-dated as I only see Discovery programe.

Gallivanter said...

It's the weakest American Idol to date. Jordin won too! Hahahaha! What a joke!

New Kid on the Blog said...

I'm a huge fan of Melinda, unfortunately she had voted out last week. However, I don't find Jordin or Blake is bad in anyway to Melinda too.
1. Melinda is a professional of backup singer, where Jordin has no experience, and Blake is a musician.
2. The emotions that Jordin brought last night on her 3rd song was amazingly touched the audience as well as those sits in front of the TV.

Even Melinda has voted out from the competition, we should be glad to have some one that can sing well that won the American Idol.

I know lots of peole saying that Blake has all the package of an American Idol, but song choice isn't wide enough like Jordin, if you look into it.

Hope am not too long winded on that... As am an AI fan!

erinalaw said...

Wan - ya, let's see the winner is who. Btw, thanks for leaving your name here.

Rabbit & Horny - alamak!!! this is what ppl are talking about now leh.........

gallivanter - I agree with u.... jordin win? :-(

New Kid On The Blog - you could be rite on your say. Hmm.... let's us all see who is the american's fav.