Wednesday, May 9, 2007


I have so kepo lately going around asking what is going to be served for Mother's Day Dinner in their hotels. I have yet to decide where to go. But, I can share with you a few venue which I find their price is reasonable with good food. Anyhow, everyone taste bud are different.

CONTACT NO : 04-222 2000

They have few choices. If you can't make it on Mother's Day itself, you can also go on the Mother's Day Eve. Interesting leh..............

Mother's Day Eve "Wine & Dine Buffet Dinner"
RM88++ (for adult) RM32++ (for child)
Include a stalk of rose for all mothers and entertainment by 'Los Cantores'

Sunday Hi-Tea with Mum
RM38++ (for adult) RM19++ (for child)
Includes free-flow of orange punch & appearance by own Cheery Clown

Mother's Day BBQ Buffet Dinner
RM55++ (for adult) RM27.50++ (for child)
Includes a delightful "Mother's Day Cake" and a stalk of rose for all mothers with entertainment by 'Los Cantores'

Mother's Day Set Dinner
RM188++per person
Includes a delightful "Mother's Day Cake', a glass of house wine and a stalk of rose for all mothers

I knew the chefs here and hor, this taikor chef don't play play lor. He only talk about quality so, he only choose the best for his menu. I no bluf you keh. Please!!! Don't ask me what is Los Cantores. I don't know and never had ask them before. Go and check it out yourself and tell me later.

If you have any queries on room reservation and banquet, you can contact Mr. Khoo Boo Lim (he is my hubby friend). The chefs I leave for myself lar........... hahaha. That one cannot tell one.

CONTACT NO : 04-899 9999

Hi-Tea By The Sea

If you have any enquiries, you can always contact Ms Feon. She very nice keh. Tell her, you get to know her from me and sorry har, no discount even if you quoted my name. For men, if you handsome enough, you can give a it try but hor let me tell you first har - she is MARRIED. So no chance. Anyway, she is a very nice lady to talk. Oh yes!!! This lenglui is from Sales Department, a good friend of mine.

CONTACT NO : 04-892 3333

Mother's Day Hi - Tea
RM28nett per person
Special dishes: Satay, Penang Char Koay Teow, Roti Jala with Ice Cream & etc
Special offer : 1) Free for Mother accompanied by 4 paying adults
2) Special Cake for Mother (1 cake for per bill)

Mother's Day Special Taiwan Porridge
RM25nett per person
Special dishes : Shark's Fin Porridge, "Chee Chung Chuk" & etc
Special offer : 1) Free for Mother accompanied by 4 paying adults
2) Special Cake for Mother (1 cake for per bill)

Sorry har, I don't know who the Sales person here. I only know the Executive Chef and the Front Office Manager. You can contact Ms Polly Neoh if you need any room reservation. Maybe, can ask her to recommend you their Sales person.

CONTACT NO : 04-229 9988

RM28nett (for adult) RM14nett (for child)
There will be special activities for mother and complimentary birthday cake for mother who celebrate birthday on Mother's Day.

Again hor, I only know the chefs there. What to do??? The chefs can cook mah and afterall, I love eating. Hahaha...............

I have plan to make my mum a special cake. Will you all later in my next post. Even my students ( I mean the budak budak) will be making cakes for their mum on the 19th May. Don't play play har........... they will be making Tiramisu.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL OF YOU!!! MUAH.............. Lots of love, hugs and kisses from me.


soleilina said...

hehehe.. happy incoming mother's day to u ha! :) i've already made reservations for the bbq dinner at E&O since last week lor.. hehe

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo!Happy mummy day to u. I look forward to ur cake post. BTW what to cook for mummy I meant homecook. Any suggestion is appreciated.

erinalaw said...

Soleilina - Amboi!!! Awal awal dah pi booking. Can share with us lar, how is the food later. Boleh lah cerita kat kita, how is the food nanti.

Hor ny - Thanks. It depends on what your mom like - curry, seafood, meat ....... Anyway, as a mom I can tell you anything our kids cooks will surely taste good one even a piece of toast bread. You are going to cook? I am looking forward for your post on homecook food for your mom.

Kenny Ng said...

How I wish can go back n bring my mom to eat kaw kaw :(

erinalaw said...

Kenny - eating to all mom is the bigest wish. I speak from the mom point of view. The most important to us mom is our kids grow up healthy and becoming good as well as a useful person. If kids are good, to us mothers - everyday is a Mother's Day!!!