Saturday, May 12, 2007


Something interesting that I want to share with you traveller or anyone who wish to have a break from home. Paradise Sandy Bay Penang is offering a very good room rate now in conjunction with their 10 years anniversary. It's only valid for a short period of time only leh............. till 24 May 07. So, if you feel like having a break and looking for a nice and comfortable place to stay - you can always consider Paradise. Woi!!! RM99 net only leh.................. Deluxe Studio and lagi with SEA VIEW. Hurry Up! Hurry Up! Get your kids, your wife or husband and maid, quickly go and pack and head to Paradise. Where to find such a good offer lagi other than Paradise.

If you are staying there. Do visit their GAYA'S - it's their very own Beach Side Bar and Restaurant. The environment is good. Bloggers - if you need a place to think and relax, you can always consider here. Buffet is at very reasonable price too. When I were there that day for their buffet dinner, I almost fall asleep. Not because the place is boring. It's because it's windy and cozy. What a good place for dating too. Yup!!! I were there with my hubby lar. Anyhow, I did not get the place I wanted which is nearer to the sea. Fully book liau lor so they gave us a table which is near to the poolside. Not so romantic hor? Never mind, with this I always have a reason and excuse to ask my hubby to take me there again. Smart leh? Women always used their brain to think one then, 'teh' alittle bit. Surely, you will get what you wanted. Ladies, this is what we should have. I mean the skill to persuade our darling. Everyone have got their own way.

Planning for any weeding, anniversary or special dinner? This one, you can contact my friend - lenglui Feon. She is a very nice lady to deal with. She can help you to arrange a memorable wedding dinner. I had attended 1 Wedding dinner of my friend which is so happen handle by her. It was a good one. Apa tunggu lagi? Hurry up and plan for your wedding dinner this year end and you can always call Feon to assist you. For those lenglui, you can also look for Peter Tan. He is the person who is incharge of Food & Beverage.

They also have nice Conference and Meeting Rooms for those who want to hold any meetings, discussion or interview. Who to contact? Aiyah!!! Call for Feon lar. Wings, next time can organise one golf game in Penang. You all can stay here. Just that, I cannot join you all for golf lar. I only know how to pick the balls and hold the balls. Hahaha................ Wonder Lilian play golf or not? Lengcheh, want to join them kah? If I hold the golf stick, you all better stay far far away from me har, don't say I no warn you all.

Remarks: Sorry har, this is not an advertisement and I am not paid to do any advertising for them. But, I find this is an interesting things to share with all my readers and friends. So, happen my friends are working here therefore, I can quote their names. No matter how much you spend there, I don't get any commission har.


Kenny Ng said...

Paradise so cheap now? Anyway when I come back Penang I can stay at my old house la... LOL

erinalaw said...

Kenny, maybe once a while when you feel like a break mah......... got ppl do housekeeping for you, cook for you and make you feel good. Call saja,there is someone to entertain you liau. hehehe........

Rabbit said...

Walau! At one moment I thought I read wrongly, cos I saw my name there. Feon. Heh! But its not referring to me lah. Keke!

Yer.. until 24th only. That time pun belum exam. How to go penang wor. Sob sob.

erinalaw said...

Never mind, never mind, you wan to come itu jam hor, you can tell me. Then, I ask my kawan Feon give a special rate to you (another Feon). *garu kepala*