Monday, May 14, 2007

Cakes For Mums

Ok. Here are the cakes that I made for my mom and my mother-in-law. That is called fair and square. So, no one can say that I did not give anything to my mother-in-law. I have specially made my mom a Mango Mousse Cake. Mango is her favourite. So, I decorated the side with some almond flakes. Inside the cakes there are lots of cube peach too. Peaches are her favourite too. I decorated the top (surrounding) with some peaches. When I were in the market that day, I saw some dragon fruits which is red flesh. So, I decided to get some. I were praying that it will be sweet. I am so lucky - it was sweet. Red flesh dragonfruits are not cheap ok? I got 2 which is about 1.1kg and they charged me for RM9. Aiyah!!! For my mom expensive also tarak apa lar. In the middle of the cake (top part), I also place lots of cocktail fruits. For you information, my mom love fruits. I brought the cake back to her on Saturday nite and she say she love it. So, after that I place it in the fridge and planning to take that to the restaurant tomorrow. Mana tau, when I wake up in the morning - both my mom and my daughter were already enjoying the cake. hahaha.................... so, tak jadi lar nak bawa pi restaurant makan.
And for my mother-in-law, I made her a chocolate cake. Inside the cake, there are lots of cocktail fruit (another fruits lover). I decorated the side with some oreo biscuits. See the beautiful angels there................ It's called Sugar Image. It comes in sort of like a paper form. I place that in the middle and decorate with some heart shape jelly and apple. The cake is meant for her to take it to the restaurant. We were having a dinner with both her daughters and their family. When everyone see the cake, they make a hu har of the image sugar. Luckily they enjoy the cake.
At least my hard work is not wasted ..................... btw, where is my mother's day cake har? :-(


Rabbit said...

Sigh. looking at your skill in baking and decorating cakes hor, i wanna find holes and hide myself ler.

erinalaw said...

Rabbit - don't say like that lah. My face red liau lor

MayaKirana said...

The cakes look good, Erina! Yum! I'll be going home for a belated Mother's Day celebration next week - haha, taking mom to Genting! ;-) You are lucky that your mom is living so close to you. Happy Mom's Day to you!

erinalaw said...

Maya - thanks for the compliment. My tail sudah naik liau. To me, if we are good to our mums, everyday is a mother's day to them but if we failed our duty. Then, forget it. Agreed?