Friday, May 18, 2007

Leaning Tower

Leaning Tower? The one in Paris? Sorry har, me no money to go there yet. Maybe, in another 10 years lar. Wait long long or dream more often then, maybe dream become reality(mong keng seng chan). Wake up Erina Law! It's not time to dream yet. *wash face n continue writing blog*

Actually, I am talking about the Leaning Tower in Teluk Intan. My sakai punya hubby said he never been to Teluk Intan and insisted we must make a trip there to see the tower. Aiyoh!!! I told him liau that there is nothing one in Teluk Intan. It's a very small town. So, don't wanna disappoint him and agree that we will drop by there.

This pagoda like structure were built in 1885 by a Chinese contractor called Mr. Leong Choon Choong. This was built for water storage. Read more from this site

There is a clock inside and it's control by this funny iron. I also don't what is it called. Just show the the pictures only. No one knows how it works. This iron hor will go up and down one. The wonderful part is - the time in this clock never go wrong wor. *scratch head*This is the the thing that I am talking about where my hubby manage to get a closer view of it. He were so busy talking to a pak cik (old uncle) asking him how does this thing work. If you wanna know more hor....................... visit lar Teluk Intan. Afterall, this year is Visit Malaysia Year mah. Like my hubby always tease me, if you don't know much about the place of interest of Malaysia then, don't talk so much about places in oversea. We should be proud where we are from mah. At least if our friends or people that we meet from oversea ask us, we know mah. Ok ok, you are damn rite darling. One kiss for you. Muahhh....


Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Go on.Keep on posting. I am still reading. Interesting post.Have a nice weekend.

Rabbit said...

So true ler. Must explore Malaysia before exploring any other countries. =P

erinalaw said...

hor ny ang moh - battery finish liau. Today, 3 post and got tonnes of work waiting for me leh. But I will post up my last one about Bidor tmr. You have a nice weekend too.

Rabbit - very malu hor!!! Like that, I must make a mission liau - travel round Malaysia and post for everyone to read. Got sponsor???