Tuesday, August 11, 2009

No Longer The Same - Claypot Restaurant, Penang

Claypot Restaurant that situated at Tanjong Tokong Hillside is no longer the same anymore. They have change management for 9 months already. This is one of our family favourite restaurant. Honestly the food is not that good compare to the previous owner. Anyway, they do provide you the good service but I want my good food!!!!
We did not finish the dish ........................... we don't want to waste the food but the food is no good lor. Even my kids cannot finished their rice.


New Kid on the Blog said...

ah?? I was planning for a visit wor!!!

erinalaw said...

New Kid on the Blog - this place used to serve very good Hakka dish. You are too late. The new management took over for 9months liau. The 'boi chai bak'. Oh my god!!! The boi chai cut so big, wan to eat also susah. Now I can find a good Hakka restaurant in Penang. Our trip to Claypot that day was a DISSAPOINMENT. Service is good but what we want is the good food..............