Thursday, July 2, 2009

Birthday Cake For Sharing........

When it is your birthday, do people buy you a birthday cake or you give away cakes for others? This year, I decided to make cakes and give it away to kids on my birthday.

Rich chocolate cake for the Orphanage Home

Lychee Cake for the Orphanage Home

Lychee cake for my Mynmar friends
Kids were off course happy to receive cakes.
For those who had send me messages and gifts, thanks alot. You all have make my days fantastic. Lilian, Lawrence did not make any cake for me. Makan, he can lar.


asraf said...

That's very kind of you.
Hard to find people with a good heart these days.
That 1st cake looks really rich!

BN said...

Yes I kind and sweet of you to be giving out cakes on your birthday :)

erinalaw said...

Asraf - sharing things is the most happiest things. So, to make myself happier, I share something simple with the kids - that is cakes. As kids, who don't love cakes?

BN - Nothing really to hohohar about. Just something to share. Sharing Is Loving!!!