Friday, August 7, 2009

Busy with Packing.........

Hari Raya will be coming soon and I will be busy like a bee again. I am busy mixing and packing all the cookies premix. Let me share with you.

10 type of diffrent cookies premix........ phew!

Almond Chocolate Cookies Premix - all time favourite

Chocolate Chips and Almond Cookies Premix

Cinnamon Biscotti Premix

Coconut Cookies Premix

Cornflakes Cookies Premix

Greenpea Cookies Premix

Pineapple Roll Premix - never get bored with it

Semperit Premix

Special Herbs Cheese Cookies Premix. Hot Item!!!

No premix for this. Only ready product. Honey cornflakes. It's kids favourite
Packing is not all done yet. Still got lots of things. Hope I can get them all done in time.


Kenny Ng said...

Ha... you lucky always got break during weekend, me here... I almost forgot what is weekend.

babe_kl said...

no wonder no updates here. take a break now and then ok ;-)

Little Inbox said...

Busy means you business is doing well. Nice to hear that.

erinalaw said...

Kenny - don't be jealous. You will soon have ur weekend break liau mah. Bila balik? I put red carpet for you.

babae_kl - hehehe. but I have not forget abt the Sweet Malaysia post hor. Will post up soon

Little Inbox - well ............ have to work lor if not, eat grass liau. kekeke

Bengbeng said...

time passes by so fast... it is another Hari Raya season... u will get it all done on time...necessity dictates that u must do so... it is a great motivator :)

BN said...

Super busy means good business :) So can I order the cookies premix or not from KL??? hehehe

erinalaw said...

Beng beng - soon year end is coming liau lor

BN- You can order. We do send to KL

zewt said...

eh, that pineapple tars so little pineapple wan? :P

Gala said...

Hi, I would like to check whether there is any upcoming baking class organised by Cooking Island / any other parties in Penang Island that you can recommend ? Thanks

erinalaw said...

Gala - There will not be any baking class for time being. Not too sure who will be holding any classes in Penang Island. I don't have their schedule.