Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Recipe - Strawberry Jam

Making your own fruit jam is not difficult after all. Strawberry seem to be everyone favourite. Lately, I see there are lots of strawberry selling at the wet market which is not very expensive. So, I bought some and decided to make some jam for my kids and mum. Btw, this my mum favourite.
Strawberry - cut wedges

Cook with some water and brown sugar in a pan

In the process of cooking with a medium fire

The jam is ready

Let it cool before closing the container. This is what I get

Supper for the kids - Toast bread with butter and strawberry jam

500g strawberry, washed and cut wedges
100g water
100g brown sugar (it depends on how sweet you want it to be. If needed, add more)
Method :
1. Put all the ingredients in the pan and cook it on the slow fired. Continue to stir the mixture every few minutes.
2. Cook until it is thicken. This take about 35 to 45 minutes.
3. Once it is ready, off the fired and let it cool. Keep in the container.
Note : There is no presevative in the jam therefore, consume it within 3 - 4 weeks.


babe_kl said...

Erina, I’ve announced this year’s Merdeka Open House theme. Do take some time to participate ;-). Thanks.

erinalaw said...

Babe_kl - wokay. This year I will participate.

Sweet Jasmine said...

I love strawberries. Pack with vitamins...This looks good. thks for sharing.

mrs b said...

Thks Erina for the simple recipe. Glad to note no need for pectin, cause i didnt know where to get it. Does this mean the jam result is more watery?

New Kid on the Blog said...

simple and nutricious. :)

erinalaw said...

Sweet Jasmine - how r u getting on liau?

Mrs b - nope it will not be watery without pection. Certain fruit, it had got contain pectin inside liau.

New Kid on the Blog - easy, simple, nutricious and you don't have to cook alot. That means you can also have others variety - blueberry, raspberry, mix berries and pineapple............

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