Saturday, March 21, 2009

Help With Love

Lilian will be helping up in cooking for the poor and homeless today with her group of church member. One thing I admired her is she help without picking on the skin color or religion. You are black, white, yellow or whatever color your skin is she will help if she can. You are buddist, indian, christian or islam she will also help. Lilian, in future if you needed any help whether in the kitchen to wash or cook do let me know. If you need people to buy ingredients you can also let me know. I can ask some of my supplier to send the goods to my shop and I will send it to where you want it to be - your house, church or any of your friends kitchen. Should have help you to get the chicken from my supplier. Then, it will be much easier for you . All the best to Lilian and her team.
My prayer - may the weather be good today so that it's easier for the team to deliver the food to the needy.

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