Friday, March 20, 2009

Tamarind & Sour Plum

Sour Plum - it can eaten like this or it can be added in our drinks. Infact, you can get this drink from the local kopitiam. Normally the pregnant ladies like to eat this. Apparently this sour plum help the pregnanat ladies from vomitting. Anyway, it does not help me during my pregnancy.

Tamarind - this is a fresh one. It can be eaten like this. When it's eaten fresh the taste will be different. Once they had season it with salt, that is meant to use for cooking. It was my first time eating this yesterday which was given by a friend. To me, it taste better than sour plum. You can get it from the wet market.
This is how it look like. The taste is abit sour and sweet.

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