Monday, March 2, 2009

Back To Old Kitchen

How the old folks back their cakes that required top and bottom heat? Back at my grandma and mum early age they do not have oven that have this special feature - top and bottom heat. But they still can make their cakes and kuih with this method.
Few months ago mum show me how it was done after she had not do it for so so so long. She showed me by making kuih ubi kayu.

Top - covering the cake tin with burning chacoal
Middle - a tray of kuih ubi kayu batter
Bottom - also burning chacoal
The chacoal that are burning should only have small fire.

See........................... It's took about 40 minutes to cook.

It's ready. The middle is slightly burn because I did not spread the chocoal evenly on top.

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Elaine said...

wow...this is amazing! it's interesting to know how people baked their cakes n kuihs in the past. ^^