Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Recipe : Lemon Cake

About 2 weeks ago, my customers (a group of youngster) drop by to pick up some ingredients that that need to bake a Lemon Cake. They got this recipe from the Australian Women Weekly book.
The next day, they came to see me with the cake that they had baked. They want to know what had gone wrong. Honestly, the cake smell great. I take a look and I smile to them and tell them, 'your cake is not cook yet'. Without making them dissapointed I actually take a piece and eat. Yup! I eat a cake that is not cook yet. Well, being a cook we have try it so I will know what could be wrong. In fact, I ask my staff to try it. Not that I want to make them happy but at least my staff will get to know what happen. He learn at the same time. Now I can tell them what had gone wrong with their cake after I had tried making it. Nothing wrong with the formula or recipe from the book. If you are reading my blog, this is what gone wrong with your cake :-
1. Your cake is not cook like what I had told you earlier.
2. The temperature that you use could not be right.
3. You did not mix the batter well which mean you did not follow the instruction correctly too. You put in all the flour and milk at one time!
I had tried the cake. Came out fantastic and I love the cake, not only the result but also the taste. Anyway, I love lemon!!!
I had also given a minor change to the cake. Let me share with you the recipe from my customer. Oh ya, I ask them if they can give me the recipe so I can try to make sure the formula is ok.

Don't this cake look good? I can't wait till the cake is cold. After it come out from the oven about 20 minutes, I cut and get my staff to try. We love it except my hubby. He is not a lemon lover. Nevermind, I can share it with my staff . Less man more share!!!

Here is the recipe

125g butter, softened

2 tsp grated lemon rind

250g castor sugar (original was 275g)

3nos eggs

230g flour (original was 225g self raising flour)

1tsp baking powder

125ml milk

1/4cup lemon juice


1. Line a 9in round cake tin.

2. Beat butter and sugar till light and fluffy. Add egg 1 by 1 and mix it well. Add flour, baking powder, milk and lemon juice in 3 batches. Mix well. Add lemon rind.

3. Pour into the pan and bake for 50 -60 minutes or till cook at 170C. Let the cake cool down for about 5 minutes before turn it on the wire rack.

Note : This cake had got some soury taste due to the lemon juice. However, it had got it's unique taste. If you a person who love baking, give it a try and be adventures!!!

My advice when doing your cooking or baking. Never rush. Read the instruction clearly and do it with love. Don't do it for the sake of doing. Fail does not mean you are a bad or stupid cook/baker. Try it again and this time do it carefully. If can, try to ask for advice. I know that some people don't like to ask for advice. What's wrong asking? Sometimes, I even learn from young baker - I even learn things from my son who is only 6 years old.


Anonymous said...

Can I use superfine flour?

erinalaw said...

Yes u can. It make the cake texture even more fine. The one I am doing is alredy quite fine. I advice you to go for 50:50. 50% All Purpose Flour and 50% Superfine Flour. The cake had got a similar taste of cheese cake too. Give it a try and let me the outcome.

Little Inbox said...

Hi Erina, thanks for sharing the recipe. I already bookmarked this post.I do bake occasionally on simple butter cake and banana cake. Do you have any recommendation on cheese cake for a beginner like me?

erinalaw said...

Little Inbox - Chill cheese cake would be an ideal one to make for beginner coz it's it's simple to make.

Bengbeng said...

i used to bake cakes from premix but my ancient oven was not in perfect order. I had to prop a wooden chair against the door of the oven to keep it shut :)

Yr cake looks lovely

Little Inbox said...

Ok, thanks.

erinalaw said...

Bengbeng - the oven door not working well lar. This can cause your cake color not balance too. Ahem!!! Time to change oven lor :-)

Little Inbox - not a big problem at all. Do try the cake and keep me inform about the result.

dolphing said...

I have never made lemon butter cake before and I would like to try made one.^^

Olivia said...

Thanks Erina for this wonderful recipe. Will definitely give this a try... and will link you in my blog when I posted my outcome.. cheers Olivia