Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kiddie Birthday Cupcakes

My son's birthday had just pass few days ago and since this is his last year in kindy, I make him some special cupcakes for him to share with his buddies. For his classmate, I make extra one for them to pack back in a small little box. I asked Delwin what cake he wants me to make. He kept on telling me apple cake. Aiyoh!!! After thinking for a couple of days, I decided to make him apple carrot cupcakes with cheese frosting. Most kids love cheese.

Apple Carrot Cupcakes with Cheese Frosting

Animals are his favourite. I got him elephant, zebra, tiger and lion

Nice or not?

I kept a few for him to share with his sister. He just love it and tell me, it's yummy!!!

Kids are not too difficult to satisfied them. Just a small cake, they are happy with it. The school teachers told me that the cakes are all finished up. I make a total of 120 cupcakes to feed more than 50 kids. As long as they happy, I am happy too!!!
I am planning to make some nice dessert to pampered myself this weekend.


olive oly said...

so good to be your children...

erinalaw said...

Olive - don't say like that. I am so glad to have them. No doubt they mess up here and there once a while but they have bring lots of joy in my life.

bn said...

Hehe....both are lucky to have each other and I am lucky to have a friend like you :) to share with me the ups and downs in life!

xan said...

Hello, i found your blog from Cooking Island. was wondering where you got those paper(?) animals? they're great for children's cuppies!

erinalaw said...

Xan - my sister got it for me from KL.