Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lum Mee

Lum Mee is actually quite similar to noodle soup but in Lum Mee they give you lesser soup and the condiments given are different too. The condiments are such as chicken meat, meat ball, fish ball, sliced fried egg, fried onion and sambal. My father in law make good lum mee and I learn it from him. Moreover, hubby loves this very much. Well, another way to the man heart is thru his stomach.

This type is for hubby, my sister and myself. My sister was trying to be funny and ask me, 'cheh why the egg got red and yellow color only? Where is the green color? Then, it will look like a traffic light................' Niamah. Cook for her lagi talk so much.
This is for my kids. Don't it look lovely with the smiley star fishball?
Recipe for the soup
3 pcs of drumstick
1kg of chicken bones
2 liters of water
salt & pepper to tasting
2 tbsp cornflour mix with some water
1. Place the drumstick, chicken bone and water in a pot and boil for about 1 hour.
2. Then, take out the drumstick and remove the meat. Put the bone back to the pot and let it cook. Add salt and pepper to tasting.
3. Then, mix in the cornflour mixture to slightly ticken the soup. Not too much otherwise you will have starch instead of soup. A little bit of the cornflour mixture is to make the soup taste smooth.
Other ingredients (below items are depends on how much you want to consume. So, buy according to the number of person that you will be serving)
Yellow Noodle
Bihun (Rice Noodle)
Fried Shallot
Shreded chicken meat from the drumstick
Some slice fried egg *
*Slice Fried Egg
2 to 3 eggs
a little red colouring (optional)
1. Beat the egg and add some colour.
2. Pour some oil in the pan and put some egg to fried with low heat.
3. Then slice it.
It's just like the normal way we cook our noodle soup. Put the noodle in the hot water and toss it a while. Put the fishball or meatball in the boiling water to cook. Then, place all the things in a plate/bowl. Pour some soup and serve it with some sambal.
Lum Mee is also known as Birthday Noodle too. Don't ask me why ok?


L'abeille said...

I also want the chicken fishball with smiley KUTE!!

YozoraNiteSky said...

oh is only 10:20am and after looking at your bowl of lum mee.. i am hearing my tummy growling already :0...btw.. i love those little smiley fishballs. are they homemade? how did you get them to take the star shape.. you are so creative lah

Belle said...

thanks erina!! =]] and coming here never fails to make me feel hungry T T

erinalaw said...

l'abeilla - cute leh............ like me mah. Wahahaha.

Yozoranitesky - I did not make the fishball. I buy them. We can get it easily in the wet market here in Penang. Infact, I have seen them in KL wet market also wor.

Belle - Woi! Going to be ppl loh poh cai liau. Wanna learn to cook n bake? hehehe............ The way to the man heart is also thru his stomach leh.