Thursday, July 3, 2008

Corn Soup

Weather was quite hot few days ago and today it rain like nobody business pulak. Nowadays weather is very hard to predict.
Normally, I don't boil soup when it's raining day. I rather cook something spicy. What to do? I have got all my stuff ready and I want to cook them for my kids. This is a good and simple soup to prepared.
Pork rib/lean pork/chicken 500g
Potatoes 4nos -cut cubes
Carrot 2 nos - cut cubes
Corn 3 nos - break into 3 pieces
Water 2liters
Method :
1. Put the meat/chicken in the boiling water for a few minutes to rinse away the dirt.
2. Put all the ingredients in the pot and boil for 2 hours with medium fire. You can also put that in the slow cooker - but cook it a big longer, about 3 hours on slow.
3. Then, season it with salt and some light soya sauce.
4. A nice bowl of hot and good soup is ready to consume.
Potatoes and pork meat
Carrots and corns. I have used the pearl corn in my soup.
A bowl of piping hot soup for my family
Anyway, born in the Cantonese family SOUP and DESSERT are very norm. Since young, I have soup for my meals almost everyday. Sometimes ago I had read on some articles talking about carrots and corns.
Carrots - source of beta carotene. Research from USDA saying that carrots helps in lower down cholesterol level too . Beta carotene is linked to reducing chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Good source of vitamin A too.
Corns - it's also called maze. Rich in proteins and carbohydrates.
Potatoes - Good source of vitamins. A medium-size potato (3 per pound) provides 1/3 the vitamin C recommended daily for an average adult. Potatoes also supply thiamin, niacin, iron, carbohydrates and small amounts of vegetable protein. Potatoes are low in sodium, virtually fat free and easy to digest. It said that potatoes are highly acceptable in almost any diet. Any comments???
This simple and easy to prepare soup will make your kitchen smell good. Kenny, remember to make some soup for yourself too since the weather there is super duper hot. You do take care.


Huei said...

i wan drink soupppp!! looks so yummy!!! tenkiu for the recipe! ;D

bn said...

Hehe agreed...coming from a Cantonese family...soup is in everyday of our lives. When we were young, we used to dislike soup..but now that we are older, we think it is super nutritous for the whole family right?

Even the Hong Kies sweat by it..the soups are the reason why some of them have such nice complexion... :)

erinalaw said...

Huei - it's simple and easy to prepared.

bn - I love soup all this while wor. I can sit down and drink a big bowl of soup without having rice. hahaha............ How is Kaylee doing?

bn said...

Hi my dear,
KayLee is doing fine...Getting bigger and also naughtier by the day! Quite a handful esp when she started crawling...broke one of my giraffe deco in the house already..haiyo!

How abt you?? When are u coming down to KL?? We must meet up...