Friday, July 11, 2008

Laksa? Hokkien Mee?

There are lots and lots of laksa and hokkien mee (prawn noodle) in Penang. Anywhere you go, you can easily find the laksa and hokkien mee stall but are they good? That is the question, rite? For holiday makers, most of them will visit stall at Gurney Drive and Lorong Selamat. That are the popular spot. Everytime, when our friends come from outstation without fail they must have this 2 type of food apart from Char Koey Teow.
Normally, we take them stall that are not know by many people from the outstation. Off course, these stalls are serving good stuff. One of the good laksa in Penang is located at Balik Pulau. It's not located in the town. This is at the residence near the fishing village. I guess most Penangnite know this place. They only open on Saturday and Sunday. However, it is save to call before you go.

Business hour and contact no. Please call before you go.

This is the owner.
Lots of fish meat in the laksa but some people do not like it. It depends.
They also serve hokkien mee. The soup is sweet coz they used alot of prawn shells. Don't forget they are living at the fishing village.
As you go in you will pass by a riverbank and lots of boats park by the side.
As you turn into this house for laksa and hokkien mee, you will see a malay stall that sell laksa too under the pokok assam (tumeric tree). Most of them call this stall Laksa Pokok Assam. Do drop by to enjoy a bowl of laksa. This is a different taste. It's a malay style. The best part is - self service. It's RM1/bowl. The man will give you a bowl and you do the rest of the stuff yourself. Put how much of noodle that can fit into your bowl. Cut the onion, chillies and cucumber by yourself. Stuff the ingredients to the maximum, pour in the soup and you only pay RM1. Don't it sound fun? We took our friends there the last time and he enjoy it. This stall is near a river and it's cooling too. Fun....................... that's all I can say.
Since is going to be a holiday tomorrow for Penangnites, do check it out if you haven't been there before.


YozoraNiteSky said...

i think the next time i come up to Penang, I will read every post on where to eat on your blog first :D..the hokkien mee really "beh tahan yummy" lah haha

molly said...

Hi looks nice ya. mmm... so hungry now!

New Kid on the Blog said...

eh, i never there's a place like that wor... thks for sharing.

Kenny Ng said...

That's the Laksa I said the best ever in Penang! Damn... I 7 years never been there already.