Thursday, February 5, 2009

Chinese New Year Dishes

It was just like yesterday that we were talking about the Chinese New Year and here it will be ending soon. Time really goes on very fast and that prove, all of us have to appreciate what we have and take every opportunity given to us seriously.

This year, CNY is a very simple and quiet celebration for me. Since my parents are away for holiday that means I don't have to go home till they are back. My brother in law father just pass away before the CNY and they will not be celebrating this festive season. This make everything very quiet without them. So, we just go back to my in-law place to celebrate. Anyway, it's still in Penang.

Therefore, I decided to make things simple too since I have been so tired working. Hubby also agreed that we just cook simple meal at home. Penang island is always pack-up when it's a holiday season.

What we have are really simple. Just enough to feed me, hubby, our 2 kids and share some with my neighbour. Oh yes! I have very nice neighbour. We always share food. During CNY, she will share some of the dishes she cook with me and I will pass her some. Isn't it nice?

Mushroom with Sea Cucumber and Pork Rib. I decorated it with brocolli to make the dish look tastier

Steam Drunken Chicken. Yup, there is wine in it. Lily bud and dates are added to enhance the flavour. My kids love the gravy very much. This is I learn from my late Hainanese grandma

This is hubby and my son favourite soup. Pig stomach with Fsh Maw and Chicken Soup. They just love it. I always add in some carrots, cabbage and button mushroom to make the soup taste even sweeter.

"Ju Hoo Char" (Sweet Turnip fried with shreeded dried squid). Guess this is everyone favourite where you can see them serving in anyone house during CNY

This is a special dipping sauce where we go with the "Ju Hoo Char". Yup, it's my Hainanase grandma secret recipe. All her children and grandchidren know how to do this.

The taste? Salty+sourey+spicy+sweet= YUMMY. hahahaha

On the 1st day of CNY, we normally go 1/2 day vegetarian. I am so lazy to cook so much and I decided to cook only Loh Hon Cai. This one is a different type that you have outside. You can't get this in any vegetarian shop. Again, it's my Hainanese grandma who taught us
The rest of the day, we eat out. Too tired to cook. Afterall, it's only 4 of us. When will all the lazy bugs get away from me???? Today, we will be going back to my parents house to have CNY dinner together. Hahaha............ still not too late mah. Afterall, it's not the 15th day of CNY. I had ordered crabs from my regular seafood supplier. Will cook it tonight!!!


New Kid on the Blog said...

I've been looking forward for your posts.... Hope your lazy bugs will get away from you soon!! :)

Happy New Year to you and your family too!!!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Wah Lauehhhhh!!! Yummy food! Still in CNY mood kar???
Wish u a very happy Valentine Day!

MayaKirana said...

Hi Erina: Glad you had a quiet CNY. Sometimes it's good to be with people you love. I had a quiet one too, even though I went home to my in-laws 2 weeks before CNY. Kuching was flooded and rainy! Then I came home to Penang which was hot and dry. Loved your dishes... I like loh hon chai too but I've never eaten it much since I left home haha. Anyway, maybe it's time you looked for additional staff to help you out so that you can come to our WomenBizSense meetings. ;-)