Friday, February 27, 2009


How is the economy doing? I guess that is what everyone is discussing and talking about. Everyday, we hear so much about it and who don't get worry?
Few weeks ago when I went back to my hometown in Taiping, I were told by my aunt and cousins that there is this place visited by hundred of people everyday near Tesco Kamunting. They told me that people go there around 7pm to touch the wildboar. *blink eyes*
Cousin : You will see some buses park along the roadside. People from KL, Penang and Johor
also come. Some even come from Singapore.
Me : Go there touch wildboar for what and why at 7pm leh?
Cousin : Go touch the wildboar to get good luck. Some strike 4D. The wildboar at the Indian
temple near the hillside. When it's praying at 7pm, they will ring the bell and all this
wildboar will come out. People will feed them and touch them.
Me : Wildboar wor? Can bite people one leh. No scare meh?
Cousin : The wildboar over there are not wild. Some are friendly too. You want to go and see?
Me : Sure or not? I see hubby want to take me there or not.
Cousin : I know you kepo one, go and have a look lar. No suddenly, Kamunting become very
popular liau. Over in Aulong, people go and 'borrow pineapple' from the Datuk Kong.
Don't be surprise hor, alot of people also. That area full of buses and cars from
Me : Not bad hor, not Taiping become popular liau. Woi! You got go and pray kah? Ada
kena boh?
Cousin : My mum ada kena after pray the Datuk Kong - 'borrow pineapple'. Neh, your cousin
from KL come back for holiday also go there. She kena a few times liau.
Me : Like that, I don't have to work also never mind lar. Everyday go touch wildboar and
'borrow pineapple'.
Cousin : 'Borrow Pineapple' must pay back one, ok? You think what, borrow and not need to
pay. Borrow people thing must pay or not?
So, I decided to drop by this Indian temple to check it out. It's only 10 minutes from my aunt house. After dinner over at my aunt place, hubby agreed to drop me and my mum to see that place. Off course, my kids were enjoying too because they never see wildboar before mah.

Touching the wildboar

Mama wildboar and baby wildboar eating

People buy nasi lemak at the stall to feed the wildboar

People feeding the wildboar

The Indian temple


Small girl also pray
When time is bad and people is desperate for money, they are willing to try to do anything except for doing something against the law. Do I believe this??? I don't know. I have not reach that stage so, I dare not answer this question. Maybe .............................................. Never answer NO too early. Maybe, I go there and sell Nasi Lemak. Wahahaha..................


olive oly said...

good idea, sell anything that d wild boar eat can earn $$$

erinalaw said...

Olive - economy no good so have to think of ways to survive mah. hehehe

mrBadak said...

Hey - I used 2 of your pics on my blog ya? I've provided a link back. Please check it out.