Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Thank You For Being My Friends

Thanks to you Sweet Jasmine for this beautiful award. I am so glad to know you too and found another food friend. Btw, don't the dogs looks so lovely. I bet Huei will love this. Thanks again Sweet Jasmine for this lovely award. You make my day even brighter today. Good things will definitely have to be share with my lovely friends. Here it goes (maybe a long list but I want them to have it) :
Lilian Chan - it had been great to know you and no doubt you sounded so fierce at time I knew you are are a good friend to have. Someone who can share and talk.
Wingz- no doubt we have yet to have a chance to meet up but it was great talking to you thru msn and phone. Woi! Bila mau send the batang to you har?
L'abeilla - it's fun and nice to know you. Someone who love food like I do. I still own you the cream cracker mix. I haven't forget abt that yet.
Kenny Ng- everytime, when I go online at msn either you are busy or offline. Dare not disturb you. Hope you will have good time working there and come home soon.
Huei - you are such a lovely young lady. Ahem! I am not old but just slightly older than you only. Hehehehe................ I wish I would get to know you more one day, chit chatting thru msn and '8' more things.
Horny - yet to have a chance to chat with you but you are very nice person. Sharing your experience and dare to say it out. Keep it on my horny friend.
Belle - cannot miss out this cute young lady. So long no hear from u liau keh?


L'abeille said...

Wah terima kasih! I lup you and food equally as much hehe..

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Woah! Cute dog!!!Two shappy dog! But very expensive! Tq tq very much on ur award! Have a nice day!

Huei said...


tenkiu tenkiu!!!

*muah muah*!!

so adorablee doggies!

when i go penang i go find u okies! i wan try nice cupcakes!!! =P heheh

Wuching said...

wuah! Lilian Chan teh number one on the list wor, no pway pway!

belle said...

thks kius manyak manyak!!!!
=DD u gave me so many awards woh!
aih m now working in a law firm =( my blog mia commment also no time reply..jui goi man sei!!
cheng tai hau sin yan ~"~

Kenny Ng said...

So kam tong again... Don't worry I put busy in my MSN ok? Just hamtam me, I'm ok 1, I only no reply u if I'm away. Thank you for being my friend too.

erinalaw said...


You deserved that

Sure, come to Penang call me lar and I make u nice cupcakes to bring home

Your patung patung all kautim chor mei? Sudah habis coloring punya job liau kah? Lilian off course on the list one lar

Busy means good news. All the best in your career. Next time, I need law advisor can call u rite?

-Kenny Ng-
Kam Tong leh??? Got cry out first or not? Ok, next time i go disturb u. Btw, how long will u be there ha?

Maomie said...

HI Erina,

Happen to come across your blog. Seems like there are lots of food related posts! Interesting and.....Yummy....Am gonna start reading it.