Tuesday, December 11, 2007

8 Facts About Me

I were tagged by Netster. Actually, I am very lazy to a post that is being tagged by someone. No freedom to write wat I want to bullshit mah. hahaha...................... Anyway, I will still do when someone tag me but just a matter of time when I will do it only. Lazy mah like I told you.
Let me make it simple for you to read. 8 facts about me :-
1. I HATE TO WALK UNDER HOT SUN - you can call me puteri lilin if you want but I just don't like to walk under hot sun. Moreover, it's not romantic also mah.
2. I LOVE TO EAT - I enjoy going from one place to another to hunt for good food and later come back and try it out myself. Anyway, I don't like it in a big portion. Too big portion make the food look so cheap.
3. I LOVE LISTENING TO WAVE & WATER SOUND - that is why i always look for cd's that have this soft music. Make me feel so nice and also help me to take away my stress.
4. I LOVE TO WRAP GIFT IN SMALL SIZE - not that I am kedekut, ok? Sometimes, small gift could cost more than a big size gift. It's just because it look so cute.
5. I DISLIKE SHOPPING DURING SALES - silly lady, that is what you would call me, rite? Go ahead. I don't like to do my shopping during sales time because there are so many people and everyone is pushing one another. Afterall, I am not a shopping kaki also. So, that make hubby a happy man. Hahaha..............
6. I LOVE TO COOK AND BAKE - yes, a person who love to eat will learn to cook and bake too. So, I will not go hunger mah. Anyway, one of the best way to the man heart is thru his stomach. Ladies, that is my advise - learn to cook, even simple dish.
7. I LOVE TO GO HOLIDAY BY THE BEACH OR HILL - living in the city is already very hectic so I love stay in resort/hotel that is near the beach or on the hill.
8. Finally, I AM IN THE MIDST OF COLLECTING AND WRITING SOME RECIPES. Hoping that in another 10 years I will complete and able to publish them. I know, I know 10 years is a very long time but I am so busy and to compile and re-do everything are not easy mah. One day, if you do see any recipe book by Erina Law, please support har?
Told you, I make it so simple for you to get to know me. Just less than 5 minutes, you get to me almost 40% already.


Hor ny Ang Moh said...

No1 & 2 Me also like u! Any pork leg recipes? Have a nice day!

erinalaw said...

U mean too kar chor?

Netster said...

No wonder Erina so fair... don't like walking under a sun!

Hor ny,

You also very fair la? hahahaha


Huei said...

u can create a blog specially for ur recipe!! heheh

let us know when ur book is out! i wana buy!! =D

oooo i share the same facts as u.. i dun like big portion of food (doesn't look yummy anymore), i love listening to waves and water sound (thats y i like beach! =D), i dun like to shop during sales (n get pushed around!!)

heheheh =D

Kenny Ng said...

I work under hot sun wor... I like to eat too... water sound I like!... small size gift, diamond ah? :P ... I also dun shop during sales, damn pack!... I started love to cook... I got no time for holiday... I collecting MP3 la... LOL

Wuching said...

refering back to #4; good things do come in small packages hor

Sweet Jasmine said...

i hate the hot sun too...skin gets dark easily...sound and sights of sea also my favourite..love shopping but not in crowded areas too....wow..collecting and writing recipe is indeed wonderful..want to partner or not...*wink*

belle said...