Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Youngest Chef In Action

Lately, I have so busy. Busy with baking and things that is in my shop. That is the reason why I hardly write. I have so much things to share but yet I don't have much time to allow me to do so. The other day, I were so busy baking some mooncake and my son who just came back from the nursery came into the kitchen and start to 'kepo' (busy-body) with my stuff. It's always like that, whenever I do something in the kitchen he will also want to take part. Thank god, my daughter is not around otherwise, she will follow what the elder brother is doing. *phew*

Wanna see the youngest chef in action?

So happen the is a balance of small dough in my mixer so, I allow him to play with it.

Take out that small dough and begin to do what I am doing. He is a fast learner.

Not enough............. take somemore from the mixer bowl.

Found my roller pin and begin to act like a smart chef lar

See how happy he is .......... later, mummy got to clean up lagi.

Alamak!!! This chef desperate for milk pulak. *fainted*

See .............. want to drink milk and play at the same time.

If you have kids like mind, you sure go crazy. Wait till the next time, I show you my daughter pulak. The flowers in my mom garden always botak. She always pluck all the flowers and sometimes even the leaves.


New Kid on the Blog said...

Handsome young chef!!

Huei said...

so cute!!! drinking milk n cooking! hehehehhehe

BN said...

Definitely a chef in the making :P What to do ...share same DNA with creative baker/ chef mum and talented dad hehe...

jam said...

Your son is indeed cute!

Christy said...

A chef in making:D

L'abeille said...

aiyooooo so cute!

erinalaw said...

New Kid On The Blog - Thanks

Huei - make me fell malu pulak, chef with milk bottle lagi

BN - hahaha......

jam - thanks

Christy - Thanks

l'abeille - thanks