Monday, September 10, 2007

What is Andropause?

Few weeks ago, we took our daughter to a clinic to see a doctor coz she wasn't felling very well. As usual, I will do the registration. Then, a poster draw my attention. The word low sex drive really bring my eyes to the poster to read on. Later, I ask hubby to take the picture for me and guess what? He stare at me and say, lu siau kah (are you mad)? I say, u paiseh (shy) kah? We were trying to challenge each other. Finally, I were the one who took it. Ok, it's was showing about Andropause. Eh!!! How come men also can menopause one? If I am not mistaken, AhPek did talk about this sometimes ago. Can't imagine if I am sitting in from of AhPek and Hor ny Ang Moh now. I am sure the 2 of them have lots of dirty stuff to share.

This is the poster and it say lack of se*x (type it this way so horny can read it from his holy office pc) can expand waist and lack of energy. No wonder Hor ny always do pokeing lar......
Can you see it clearly .......................... 40 years onwards have to take care liau.
Any men out there to share their opinion?


New Kid on the Blog said...

Errrr... which clinic in Penang ah???

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Tq tq tq!! Now I can use my holy office computer!
Aiyah! Where got dirty stuff to share?? 'Pokeing' is 'clean' stuff mah! It is only ur mind which made it dirty.
If u read my pokeing conclusion (latestpost )then this problem will not cum.
Yes men in their 40s do lost a lot of their drive! Like a car if u don't use it for sometime it give u problem.So please have regular sexerise!!!
Have a nice day!

L'abeille said...

No wonder so many "desperate housewives" in this world lar.. now I know the answer oredi..their man at home is experiencing Andropause hehehe

Huei said...


more n more of these things = more spam mails for me!

duno y i alwyas kena spam with these kinda things >.<

Wuching said...

no wonder i can't get it up anymore! hahahahahahaha

Kenny Ng said...

I wasted 30 years already... so I still left 10 years to go ah? LOL

L'abeille said...

Erina, you've been awarded. Grab your tag from my blog.


adrian said...

Hi there,

I did read a news report on a hospital's bulletin board saying that recent reports have shown andropause is diagnosed in men as young as 30 years old.