Monday, September 24, 2007


Today is a special day in my calender, my dear darling lohkong birthday. I do not know wat cake to bake for him. In fact, he had told me earlier that he does not want a cake. He said that whenever he see a cake, he is afraid of it. Why? Because almost everyday I bake cakes. But, if birthday no cake, no fun rite? So, I have plan this much much earlier. Get my second sister to buy some nice condom from KL which she just send me last week. Hey! Thanks for that. It was my youngest sister who help to arrange for the posting coz I do not want my hubby to suspect anything. Smart leh!!! All of us pretend nothing happen. Even until yesterday nite also I pretend nothing and I knew he were disappointed. Thinking wat kind of wife is that who never wishes him. But, it's ok. This is a silly surprise I made for him after being together for 13 years (tat is include courting har). Since he does not want a big birthday cake, I decided to make him some cupcakes. I have in fact ask my friend who is a hotel artist to carve me something from a styrofoam. Kenny, thanks for that and that is real big one har? Hahaha................
Now, let me show you the special cake that I had made for my dear darling.................
Theng, theng, theng.................................
Here it is .....................................
Some simple cupcakes topped with some whipping cream and peaches. See there are so many hearts. Just for my man..................

Now, can you see what my friend Kenny had made for me? Yes! Yes! Yes! It's a BIG D***

What is for tonite? Hahahaha.................

So, how do you think of my silly cupcakes? Funny or not? Ladies, will you dare to make a cake like this for your man? Guys, would you love to receive such a cake from your dear one? Come come come, give me some honest answer. I dare to do it BUT only for MY DEAR DARLING.



L'abeille said...

eh? I thought only virgin's one is green geh? :p hehehehe

Happy Birthday to Erina's Loh kong!!!

Huei said...


love the cakes! looks yummy and pretty! ;D

erinalaw said...

u both tarak nampak wat is the special thing there meh? I am so sad liau lor. U dare to make sure type of cake moh? Wat will ur partner say hor?

Sweet Jasmine said...

wow! i nampak!very special and daring indeed...i just want to know how yr lowkong reacts when he sees it??

Anonymous said...

Belated Birthday Greetings to Lawrence.

The cakes so cute wan and Erina you are always so creative.
If I were to make these for my lowkong he might like them.

Happy Mooncake Festival to you both.


celine said...

Are those condoms now in the dustbin already? I guess you know what I mean...:)Where can I get the big D***? Custom made?

erinalaw said...

Sweet Jasmine - let see he will reply you or not har?

Beth - thanks

Celine - purposely ask my friend who is a artist to do for me one. You like kah? Want or not? If you are in Penang, I can introduce you mah

Kenny Ng said...

Aiseh... so sweeeeeeeeeeeeet.

Happy Birthday to Erina's Lou Gong.

BN said...

Hey Lawrence...Happy Belated Burthday arr!!!

Haha got eat the cakes and use the 'gift' prepared by ur wifey or not???

Anonymous said...


i don't apply butter at my butt leh and my jaw is not so big... therefore , i don't think that i need it.

i think that the "gift " is good for scratching my back or any other things that my wife may think of know lah she is so creative. Who knows that our shower head need to change this type of model liau. Sure big flow one !

thanks to all "bird day" wishes.. i really get the bird !!


BN said...

HAHAHA..Lawrence..good idea to change it to a shower head! U might even pioneer this model!! :P

Hope you had a good celebration :)

erinalaw said...

Kenny - Guess those name Kenny hor are artist, you are good at music and this friend of mine is good in craft.

BN - Lawrence is siau siau tei one lar.

New Kid on the Blog said...

Oh boy, I missed this... Happy Belated Birthday Lawrence.

I like the cake.... hehehehe... did you blush when Erina make that for you?? I wonder!!

meatball online said...

hahaha... u r funny! bet ur hubby will love your creation! i should learn from u... i only made normal cupcakes for my bf.