Saturday, September 1, 2007

Will You Agree With Me, Ladies?

While hubby were driving me to my shop today, as usual I will day dream abit lar. *shy* Hey, it' not wrong to day dream abit, right? Then, something come to my mind that why men always treat cars as their wife or mistress har? Hoi, you man think we all ladies are like car also lar? Ok, if you think like that, I believe we women also can think of something else already. Want to know what? You men will surely laugh at me but ladies, please support me!
Since men think cars are their wife or mistress hor then it show the car is like a female object to them lor. So, we ladies are also like car to them. Therefore, if we are like cars it won't be wrong for us to have 4 tyres and a spare one rite? For girls that are not married, they can go dating with different guys lor? (I say DATING har) and for those who are married we can also have spare tyre lor ? Why not rite? If men can do that to us ladies, we can also be like that mah .........
In that case, I also want to go and look for spare tyre liau ........................... hehehe.
Note :- Please don't take this too seriously, it's just my 'moh-liau' (nonsense) comments. Today I need to bake 80 nos of cake so, my brain begin to fly somewhere else to think of something funny.


Huei said...



Hor ny Ang Moh said...

We r now in modern sociaty! Men & women r equal in right! So men have spare so women can also! But like spare tyre it is hidden! So if u have spare love pls hid it well to be use in emergency! Have a nice day!

zewt said...

hahaha.... what if ppl take you literally?

how are u by the way? hope everything is fine.