Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cupcakes - Rich Chocolate Cake with Fruits

My daughter, Delwina birthday had just pass 2 weeks ago. I always feel happy being able to make the kids something that they like. Btw, my daughter is 4 years old liau. She had been telling me that she wanted chocolate cake with strawberry. Everytime when I try to brain-wash her with other cakes she will still tell me she wanted Chocolate Cake with Strawberry. Aiyoh!!!! Finally, I told her that I will put some grapes (one of her favourite fruits) and pineapple apart from strawberry. She agreed........................... kids are hard to deal with nowadays. Parents also learn well in the negotiation skills. hahahahaha

This is her cupcakes that she is will be sharing with all her school friends. The stick??? It's biscuit

I specially pack 8 boxes for her classmate. 1 cake with strawberry and the other one with cherry

Nice? Also pack 1 box for her class teacher

This is my little adorable girl, Delwina.

I hope she will not ask me to do this cake again. Other flavour it's ok. Always chocolate, mummy also go mad liau. I will be bored leh.


calvaryzone said...

nice, thats a great idea to combine the cupcakes with fruits.

erinalaw said...

Calvaryzone - there is a reason why I do tat. Being a mum, I do not want my kids to consume too much colouring. Therefore, I always use natural stuff such as fruits to bring out the colours.

Benghui said...

I want also