Thursday, February 28, 2008

Me As A Mum

Belle tagged Huei and now I got tag by her pulak. But you have given my favourite topic. I love kids. Kids that come to my shop will also get special treatment. Sometimes, they are given cookies or vitagen (if I happen to have it) or sweets or chocolate. As a mum, I know what some mothers don't like their kids to have so I will only give them what a mum would love her kids to have. But for my kids, eventhough they are only 5 and 3 years old they will get their punishment if they are naughty. What kind of punishment??? Kena rotan lar............... that if they have been very naughty otherwise they will get some lecture from me. Hehehe..............
But this is what I do at times and here is my conversation with my kids, Delwin and Delwina. Belle, you have seen them before and you should know how active and naughty they can be, rite?
When mummy is free :-
Delwin/Delwina : Mum, I want to watch tv.
Me : Ok
Delwin/Delwina : Mum, I want to go 'kai kai' (go for a walk)
Me : Allrite, let's go
Delwin/Delwina : Mum, we want to mum-mum (eat)
Me : Ok
BUT hor, when mummy is super duper busy this is what will happen liau .........
For my son ...........
Delwin : Mummy, draw picture for me lar
Me : Ask daddy to draw. Daddy can draw you lots and lots of animals. *look for daddy*
For my daughter..................
Delwina : Mummy, I also want to do what you are doing.
Me : Daddy leh? Ask daddy take you go 'kai-kai'. *look for daddy*
The lesson here is .......... as a mum hor, we must also teach our kids to go and look for daddy when we are free. Ahboh then, we mummy also so busy and daddy goyang kaki meh. Not fair rite? When I ask them to go and look for daddy hor, they will go one BUT when daddy tell them to go and look for mummy ........................... THEY WILL STILL LOOK FOR DADDY!!! Hahaha....................
Afterthat, this is the conversation between me and hubby :-
Hubby : Woi! You very smart also hor, everytime ask the 2 monsters to come and look after me.
Me : Smart leh? Because I am their mummy mah. Must learn to be smart also
Hubby : How come when you ask them to come to me, they will come one but when I ask them to go and look for you hor, they don't go? What did you teach them har?
Me : Nothing! Just nothing............................. *smile and walk away*
Now, I am going to tagged the man :-
1. Horny Angmoh - so horny, sure produce lots and lots of babies one
2. Kenny Ng - I know you will be a fantastic daddy one day
3. Wuching - Always play with his Star Wars then baby leh?
4. Netster - life is so busy but with a baby around, surely they will keep you happy one!


Hor*ny Ang Moh said...

Wah luaehhhhhhhhhh!!!!This sort of tag arrrr??? Aiyoh!!! I will have to think how to do it!!! He! He! Ok! Ok! Give me some time to think about it Ok!! Will inform u once it is done! Aiyoh!( Scratching my 'hor ny' head thinking how to do such tag???)

Kenny Ng said...

Susah la this tag... anyway, done already

Netster said...

LOL.... hey are we a daddy yet? not yet? are we yet? not yet?

Iyo so hard ah this one! will think of something...


Huei said... i get vitagen too?? =P hehehe

oo!! i like ur kids names!!! =D

ekekkeke good time i must teach my kids to go look for daddy!!

belle said...

WHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH i like this one! I WAS ABOUT TO TAG U but i know someone is gonna tag u. just see when it will comes to u. mana tau so fast! ahhahaha xDDDD

u sibeh keng all push to papa muahhaha

Netster said...

Done liao.. took abit longer :P