Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Get Together

It's always nice to get together with our friends. Catching up with one another and kepoing around. Hehehe............... Ever since Chinese New Year till now, I have not stop meeting up with friends. Friends came back everywhere and we are catching up and updating each other on what happen to us all this while. I did also mentioned I met up with this rocker blogger, Kenny Ng, rite? Horny Angmoh, we did not take picture together wor. Too busy talking but Kenny did take some picture of the food. Not sure when he want to show it to all of you. Just few days ago, a friend just came back from Moscow and we will be meeting up together.

When we meet together, it's not what food we are eating or which restaurant we are going. The most important is the people we are meeting. For my last 'Get Together' we met at Northam Beach Cafe. We pick a table that is near to the sea. I did not manage to take pictures of all my friends but just to show a number of them only. Oh ya! Some of us bring our spouse together. So, all our spouse know all our friends one. Don't think they can do kinky stuff when we are not around as we still have eyes everywhere. Hahaha...................
Polly, apa duk garu garu tu? Happy to see me leh? Woi! When we can meet up together for the Hainanese Promotion at Copthorne, har? Then, the 2 of us can really kepo talking about things.

Both husband and wife are hotelier. Husband is a chef and wife is a sales person. Let me tell you hor, being a hotelier is not easy. Very stress also one when it come to peak season.

This man hor, it's good to know him. Let me introduce you the BEST ARTIST OF YEAR 2007, Kenny Liew. He is the one that help me to crave the 'lanciau'. Mentioning about the name Kenny, I actually have lots of friends who name Kenny also. Let me see ...... Kenny Cheah, Kenny Ng, Kenny Liew, Kenny Ooi, Kenny Lim, Kenny Chan and Kenny Chin. Must be a famous name afterall.
Leng Leng aunties (beautiful aunties). What a sweet smiles!!! The lady in black dress is our mama. That is what we use to call her. She is a very nice lady - loving , caring, sweet, humble and etc etc etc.

This man ..................... who else? My hubby lor. Handsome leh???? That is not my son, hor. Mine is still small. This is Polly's son who love to hang around with my husband even from small. Not sure apa sai. But the 2 of them can talk alot also. Maybe hubby love kids alot therefore he can be together with any kids. He even want to follow us home. Hahaha....

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Huei said...

the boy looks like ur husband!!! hehehe i was wondering how come ur children grew up so fast wan!

woah!! kenny is famous!! =P heheheh

so nice got gathering!! i spent cny rotting at places of ppl i'm not familiar with >.<