Monday, June 23, 2008

Wedding Wedding Wedding!

I were so busy with my order last weekend. Cupcakes and chocolate - all are for wedding.

Heart shape chocolate. Inside is fill with white chocolate and blueberries.

Mini wedding cupcakes - 225pcs with pink heart

225 mini cupcakes with purple hearts

This one is for l'abeilla friend, Adrian. He is using the cupcakes for his wedding proposal. Wonder how did it goes on. Very romantic guy lor...................


L'abeille said...

Hi Erina,

When he say he was looking for ideas for his proposal, I thought of you..cos u're such a romantic lady hahaha..psst..btw, i heard him say the proposal was a success wor ;P

mrs b said...

it is so sweet! i love yr cupcakes. hmmm.... shd get them for my girl's birthday... but then dunno if kids at 4 years can appreciate cupcakes or would feel shortchanged with such a small cake :)
think cupcakes may be more effective than diamonds in proposals huh?

Superman said...

You cup cakes are lovely. Nice looking for sure. I wonder whose wedding it is and it's creative enough to have cupcakes for wedding ^^

Huei said...


and CHOCOLATE WITH BLUEBERRIES! can i come looking for u next time i get married ar? heheheh I WANN CHOCOLATE! =P

erinalaw said...

l'abeilla - with such a romantic man, which lady will walk away. He lagi ask me extra cream coz he want to do some write up. Sipeh romantic guy. Glad he was success. He go and kepo kepo lar.

mrs b - for small girls we have other design where i put in small animals.

superman - many people are able to accept cupcakes for their wedding nowadays.

Huei - for you off course no problem. I send in by courier lagi. We are kawan mah, rite boh?

New Kid on the Blog said...

hey, how much do you charge ah???

erinalaw said...

new kid on the blog - it depends on the cake and design, also ingredients used. hehehe........ i have come across that my customer willing to pay up to RM2k worth of cupcakes for their wedding. Also 1 of them willing to pay RM6/pc.

mrs b said...

i wish am in penang. now have to look for KL source. The animal design sounds good. Next time you make some, show us ya.

Anonymous said...

Hi Erina,

I am very impressed with your cup cakes, so nice and so yummy.
I am having my wedding in Sungai Petani on 28 September 2008, it would be good to have your cup cakes on my wedding day.
Can I have your email, so that we can discuss the details and pricing. My e mail is