Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Making Dodol

Making dodol was fun. I had asked my mum about this long time ago. Few weeks back, I went back to my parents house and suddenly mum ask me, you want to make dodol moh? *give her a funny look face* Today kah? Now? She say now lar, aboh bila? Aiyoh! Drove her out and pick up the ingredients. One condition, she is not going to use gas stove. She say must use charcoal. Alamak, marci (mother)!!! Ok lar, no choice. That means we got to sit down there for hours to cook that.

Mix all the ingredients together and stir.

Must keep on stirring it.

This is still at early stage.

Add in the durian flesh. Yum yum

Stir , stir, stir.................

It's thicken already. This is already 2 hours of cooking.

It's ready after 3 1/2 hours of cooking.

It's really tiring but honestly, I do enjoy it. After it cool down, I roll them up with plastic. Forget to take some pictures. Mum gave some to her neighbours and hubby gave some to his friends. Will I make it again. YES, I WILL.

Here is the recipe that I want to share with you :

1kg of glutinous rice flour

2.5kg of coconut milk

1kg of gula melaka (if you are adding more durian flesh, do cut down the gula melaka)

2 no of durian (use only the flesh)

Method :

1. Mix all the ingredient together and cook about 1/2 hours. Do not stop stirring.

2. Add the durian flesh and continue to cook for 2 1/2 - 3 hours.

3. Let is cool and wrap it with plastic. Then, put them in the fridge.

Note : The mixture will become thick after 1 1/2 hours but it's not ready yet. Make sure you stir till the bottom of the wok.



L'abeille said...

Woah..sit and stir for at least 3 hrs ar... *sweat*
Mmm..since there's price hike nowadays, maybe it's time for be to quit gym and start stirring & selling dodol liao lor.. cos it's considered a very tiring exercise right? hehe

Netster said...

call me a frog ... I think I have never try this one before :)


Huei said...

i wan liu liannn!!!!!! heheh =D

Little Inbox said...

Home make one must be nice. I dare not try those selling outside cuz mostly not fresh lor.