Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hainanese Chefs

A few regular customers pop by over at my shop today and we chatting on some cooking stuff. Yup, customers sometimes drop by and they bring over some food to share with me. How nice!!! Now you know, why I love my job so much. Hahaha......................... We were talking about how chefs works and some of the tips that we got from the chefs which work so great. Suddenly, a lady say this "normally a Hainanase Chef will not share alot". I gave her a smile and everyone start to agree. Being a 25%Hainanese I do not have any comment. Have you ever see a Hainanese cookbook in any bookshop before, do you? I am not too sure are all Hainanese Chef are like that - selfish in passing on their recipes.
What do you think? Are Hainanese Chefs selfish???

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