Tuesday, December 2, 2008

They Serve Only Fish!!!

Last 2 weeks, we were here for lunch - Restoran Kolam Ikan. This place had been feature in a few magazines. I always wanted to drop by this place and finally, we were there.

So from here, you know their contact no and business hour ok. This place is located at Sungai Kob. It's about 25minutes from the Kulim Hi-Tech Industrial Park

This place is located at the orchard - durian orchard

You will also pass by some palm oil tree
This is the eating place. Not sure how many people can accept this type of environment but for food lover, we will go anywhere to hunt for good food. Any food lovers agree with me?

Fried fish with 3 flavours - sweet, sour and a little spicy. It was good
Steam fish with special soy sauce and ginger. Forgot what fish is this already
This is good. Simple and nice. Abalone mushroom steam with garlic and dried chillies.

All the fishes are caught freshly from the pond. Pick your fish and they will cook for you. They only sell fishes ok. No prawn, crab, squid and other seafood. Only FISH!!!

This little fishes are told that it need another a year for them to grow before it's ready to sell.

The river is so clean and nice
The best thing during this trip is ................... this restaurant is open by one of dad old buddy son. His son used to come over to our house so often during our childhood time. So, I got a free meal for that day. He insisted that this meal is on him since he had not see me for so looooooooong. Feeling so paiseh. Thanks to you Yue Kor Kor. Yup, that's how I used to call him. In fact, he is already a good cook when he is young. I will surely go back again for some other different type of fish but I will pay the bill liau. No more free food.


Horizon said...

AH HA! YOU ARE LYING! I believe they serve rice as well! lol Anyway, the food looks nice.

erinalaw said...

Horizon - hahaha........... ya ya ya. I forgot about the rice. You got me liau.

Kenny Ng said...

Beh tahan again.... CNY go back must eat till vomit!