Sunday, November 23, 2008

Visiting A Village

Few weeks ago, we just stop by over a small village as we were on the way to somewhere. The purpose of us stop over is to show our kids what is village look like and suddenly we spotted something and the 2 kids got so excited.

My little girl got so excited when she saw the chicken. She keep telling us things about the chicken.
Both of them stand there for more than 10 minutes and they were really having so much fun looking at the chicken.

What did he tell the chicken??? Don't you think both of them are communicating? In real fact, my son is afraid of chicken because of the claw.

Well, we live in the city and it's real difficult to see like this. Even though we stop by for less than 20 minutes, the kids are really enjoying themselves.

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Huei said...


I LOVE CHICKENS!! i mean..really wan!! i had chickens as pets when i was younger, LOVE THEM!! eventhough they're dirty..but i love their smell! hehehe =D