Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pig Stomach Soup + Yau Char Koay = YUMMY

Hubby and my youngest sister love pig stomach soup alot and for me, I don't like it! Since they have been asking it for sometimes, I decided to boil it for them. Just for the sake of 2 of them!!! This soup don't come cheap too. A pot will easily cost me about RM70.00.
Why so expensive?
Chicken RM17.00
Pig Stomach RM15.00
Pork meat RM5.00
Fish Maw RM25.00
Carrot RM1.50
Cabbage RM1.00
Straw Mushroom RM5.40
Button Mushroom RM2.60
Total RM72.50 (not inclusive of seasoning and gas)

All the ingredients in the pot. Ready for boiling it.
Pig Stomach Soup + Yau Char Koay = YUMMY

When hubby found out that I am boiling this soup, he asked me to buy some Yau Char Koay for him. He said it is very good to go with yau char koay. My answer to him is. 'you gila kah? Where got people eat like this one?' He said that how he saw one of the stall in Singapore serving it. So, I bought some yau char koay and later when my sister tried it, she said it's good. Maybe, you want to tried it yourself and let me know later.


Criz Lai said...

Hmm... not a bad idea. I should try eating it this way next time. Normally, I love to take the Yau Char Koay with a bowl of hot steaming Perut Ikan. It rocks too! :)

fooi said...

Home foods. I like it... misses so much the soup that my grandma used to cook when I was just a small little kid.. :(

New Kid on the Blog said...

hahahaa... I'll be like you, that would be my first reaction. but now with your sister seconded that, guess I'll try one of these days! :)

Pete said...

Mmmm, good idea, I will try it with yau char kwai when I cook the soup. Thks for sharing.

babe_kl said...

u so rajin one leh, for me i'll ask them to eat outside :p

btw its my first to see it served with yau char kwai :D

bn said...

the soup looks really yummy ler...hehe I am sure the yau char kwai will taste good with the soup too...

molly said...

Pig stomach!!!! That's my favourite.

Blur Angel said...

In Singapore, pig's stomach soup will be served with Yau Char Koay because most of the pig's stomach soup stall sells Bak Kut Teh , so eventually people dip Yau Char Koay in pig's stomach soup too!