Tuesday, May 6, 2008

They Need Our Helping Hands

A friend of mine, Josephine told me there is a children handicapped centre that I can help in whatever way I can. Few weeks ago, I drop by this centre and it was a Sunday so they were close. They only open during the weekdays.
Finally, today I had make an effort to drop by there in the afternoon. I had been making a lot of noise at hubby ears asking him to take me there. Well, I can go by myself but since he say he would also like to go so I keep on reminding him lor. By the time, we were there the kids are all gone home already. They start school at 8am and finished at 12.30pm except for Friday where the class end 1 hour earlier.
The brochure.
You can also support a kids at RM600/year.

For those kids who are poor or their family are having financial problem, the government will support each kids with RM600/year. Yes! only RM600 which is RM50/month. This money will bank into their personal account. Btw, with RM50/month what can they do? I really do not know. When Khatijah, the principal told us about it, we were shock. Currently, there are 70 kids at this centre ranging from age 4 - 17. 1 man had been send to the moon with millions of dollars without a good reason. Can't they use the money to help the needy one. Use that millions of dollars to help the poor or the needy one lar rather spending it like that. 1 man happy but millions of people suffer.
A workshop called JOBLINK is formed together with the Rotary Club Penang to catered jobs to the youths with disabilities. It provides on the job training and handles contract work which helps them to master work skills and also earn an income as well as give them a sense of achievement and independence.

Those who are interested to help, can visit them at :-
24-B, Grove Road, 11400 Penang
Tel/Fax : 04-828 2270
Person In-Charge : Puan Khatijah
Note : They are in need of volunteers and teachers. Currently they are having 14 teachers.


Huei said...

sigh..they spend so much money on unnecessary things

r u raising money to buy things for them? if u r..do let me know..would like to help =)

Netster said...

very thoughtful. I do agree that the money sending one man to the space is really wasted. it's good Penang has a new leader.

I for one for the pass 4 years has contribute monthly donation to Makna. i thought it a noble thing to do for the cancer patient.

good deed!


Netster said...

ohh I have a cancer survivor friend so I do not want others to go through the pain without financial support.

life is short, if we can help in a small way... it would be good. It means so much for others who in needs.

cbenc12 said...

soemtiems the gov spends so unimportant stuffs and neglect on others.. aren't they suppose to be a group of clever people?

lilian said...

Got organise anything, call me ah? I cannot volunteer full time lah, but kepoh kepoh sikit, help raise funds, can lah.