Friday, March 14, 2008

WHY Human Can't Stay In Peace????

What is going wrong with some of these human in Penang har??? No work to do kah? A few friends had called me up earlier during noon time warning me not to go around Komtar area coz their might be riot. Aiyoh!!! At first, I am also like 5XMom - tarak percaya but later about 2.45pm, my cousin who is happen to be in Komtar called me up told me that there are some people buat kacau at Komtar.
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Whatever it is, please put PEACE as your priority for now on. If there is no peace, people will begin to fight. Why you all like to fight har? How old liau??? Abang-abang and pakcik-pakcik sekalian, hidup kita ini mesti mesra. Ajaran dari ugama kan kata kita mesti menghormati orang, jangan sikit sikit nak cari gaduh, mesti BERSABAR dan banyak lagi. Jadi, tolong lar jangan buat kacau lagi!!!! Ini akan membuat negeri Pulau Pinang tak aman saja. Biar kita semua hidup gembira dalam masyarakat yang berbilang kaum.


wuching said...

becoz ppl are sore losers, wanna save face so must go down kicking & screaming

Huei said...

cos they're all sore loosers!!!

better be careful..take care okies!! esp ur kids! =)