Saturday, October 6, 2007

Recipe : Chicken Feet Rice & Kerabu Pamelo

As I had promise you all earlier, this is the Chicken Feet Rice recipe that I want to share with you. Apart from that, I make Kerabu Pamelo. Horny was mentioning everything are going up and up and up. But the only 1 thing that did not go up is SALARY. So, food are getting expensive. Beelibaala said if we cook at home sometimes can be more costly. However, it depends on what we cook, rite? Learn to do planning and costing before we shop.

Now let me share with you the recipe for Chicken Leg Rice :

10 pcs of Chicken Feet
4 cups of rice
5 1/2 cups of water
Chicken Stock - to your taste
4 tbsp Kicap Manis Cap Udang Kipas

Chicken Feet which I bought from my favourite stall at Perak Road. Remember to get some extra gravy from the stall that you buy from.

Place the chicken feet in the rice pot to cook together. When the rice is cook, add seasoning to your taste.

This is the rice.

Total amount spend :
Chicken Feet RM2.00
Rice RM0.80
Seasoning RM0.80
Electricity RM0.40
Total RM4.00
The above recipe served 4 person. So it's only cost RM1.00/person. If you wish you can fried an egg to put on top. That may come up to a total cost of RM1.50/person. Still cheap rite?
But for me, I made Kerabu Pamelo to go with the rice. Why pamelo? Mooncake festival is just over and I have a pamelo given to me by my aunt. So, don't waste and I decided to use that. This is one of my dish that love by family and friends.

This is the pamelo that my aunt gave me.

Cili padi is a must. The green one is really a good one. The red one is from Indonesia. It don't really have a good smell of chili but it's damn hot. Believe me! It's so spicy until you can jump up and down.

These are the ingredients :
1 no of Pamelo (break the flesh into bite size)
30 nos of onion
300g of dried shrimp
1 cup of lime (about 25 - 30 nos of lime)
20 nos of green chilli padi, slice
15 nos of red Indonesia chilli padi / 5 red chillies, slice
1 small stalk of spring onion , cut small
1 small stalk of parsley, cut small
80g sugar or to your taste
salt to your taste

1. Mixed everything together and it's ready to served. You can also make 1 day ahead. Keep it in the fridge and it can last for about 2 days.

Remark : you can also substitute the pamelo with mango.

This is my ready kerabu pamelo to be served.

I kept a bowl of the kerabu for my family (enough for 5 person). The rest my hubby wanted to give away to his friends. He told his friends about it and they wanted to have some too. So, I have about 15 small round container to give away.



Kenny Ng said...

Again... wanna cry liao. I won't be back so soon, need to stay for another month here... sien.

L'abeille said...

Hey, thanks for the recipe...the "keh kah" I don't eat one wor.. what else can I replace eh? But the pomelo recipe looks yummy..Must ask mom to bring one for me from Ipoh.

Sweet Jasmine said...

wah!chicken feet rice....will like to try out....i've got pomelo in my i know what to do with it...

New Kid on the Blog said...

chicken feet ngam ngoh, ... but doesn't ngam my low kong. so sian!

celine said...

Your kerabu pamelo must be a great appetizer.

BN said...

Wah so sedapnye.... yalor me also not a big fan of those chicken feet unless they deep fry it and stew it until the skin come off! Then it's super yummy.

Cannot stand those chicken feet which looks 'uncooked' - when they just put the chicken feet to boil the soups!

Huei said...


um..can i go visit u when i go penang? hehehe =P

belle said...

erina.... m so hungry now.. T T when u will make some for me wo

keeyit said...

I am more interested on the kerabu pamelo.. I havent seen people cook the pamelo le.. Normally I just eat the pamelo without cook it.. A special dish from you..